The Indian Bazaar is at TJMaxx Homegoods!

Alrighty folks, are you ready to drool, sigh, and pant?  Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about furniture and home decor...  I've been to two different TJMaxx Homegoods (more like HomeGods) over the past few weeks, and as soon as I walked in I was blown away.  Turns out, everything I've been blogging, raving, and obsessing about for the past couple of years has made it to good'ol Homegoods.  As you can see, I found two different Suzani embroidered lounge chairs, much like the ones from Bokja Design, which I did a post on a while back.  It was really hard to resist buying the first chair, even though it was $399.99!  If I had my own apartment at this very moment, I wouldn't have thought twice.  You know why?  No, it's not because it's easy for me to spend that much on one item, and no I'm not made of money - but because this chair doesn't come along every day, in fact I never expected to find it at a Homegoods!  Regardless of temptation, it wasn't meant to be.  Maybe I'll regret it, but oh well.  

There was also a whole section of furniture and decor from India, and endless other goodies!  I don't think I need to narrate much in this post - just scroll and gasp people, scroll and gasp....


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(By the way, I am not paid or perked by Homegoods to do this.  I put together these posts because I enjoy sharing beautiful and affordable things with you!  I hope you enjoy, and please e-mail me if you want the directions to these Miami stores, maybe there's still time to get your hands on some of these treasures...)

Suzani embroidered lounge chairs similar to these...


Oh heart be still!!  Inlayed Bone furniture from India like the ones I blogged about here...

You see this little inlayed bone table below?  Well, I didn't buy it on my first trip to this store, but I bought it on my second.  I was in love with it, but thought twice about paying $149.99 for such a small side table.  After all, all of the side tables I own are ones I've inherited from family and ones I've found at thrift stores and Goodwills, mostly antiques.  Anyway, my boyfriend talked me out of it the first time, but my mother, my aunt, and our close friend May talked me back into it the second time around.  Women.  That's right, I said it.  I can totally admit that we are dangerous together.... it's so much fun!!!!  :D  Anyway, there was a checkout line from here to the moon, so there was plenty of time for second-guessing all of my purchases, especially this table.  In the end, reason took a backseat to desire and I bought the damn thing…  I walked out with a big grin.  Bad to the bone baby, bad to the bone.  Yes, pun intended.

Still lusting after this mirror...



I'm really in love with this photo... the details of the hammered metal facade on the drawers on this cabinet is so pretty...


This rug was charming, however not as charming as the incredible Ikat rug that I spotted during one of my last Homegoods adventures...  I wanted it soooo bad, but alas, I have no apartment, therefore no justification for spending $399.99 on a rug, even it was a steal for a wool rug marked down from $1,000!  I got A LOT of e-mails about that rug, a bunch of you were chomp in' at the bit to get your hands on it.  I won't lie, that interest just validated my lust for the rug and made me want to run back and buy it all the more!!!  But I didn't, for all the aforementioned reasons, therefore I hope one of you was lucky enough to get it!  


Isn't this fantastic?  There has been quite a bit of this driftwood decor at TJMaxx Homegoods and Marshalls lately...  I really loved this piece, I wanted it for myself or for my uncle's home in The Florida Keys, but $59.99 was a bit much for me, $29.99 or less would be better.  Maybe I'll find it on sale some day... cross your fingers for me ;)


These succulents were actually real, not plastic!  How about that...


I fell pretty hard for this long carved and lacquered turquoise table...

The color and details were beautiful... but the price wasn't.  I think it was $599.99!  Eeek...



Yes, I was pretty obsessed with it, can't you tell?  :)

I have somewhat of a ceramic stool collecting obsession, but I did resist this one.  Someday I'll have to show you my entire shameful (but incredibly beautiful, of course) collection.  What can I say, I come across so many incredible ones, always ranging from $19.99 - 59.99 in price, much more affordable than those $100+ ceramic stools from other places (you know who they are)!  Shop Ross, Marshalls, and TJMaxx Homegoods for lots of cheap beautiful options...


Here are a few other random things that I photographed while I was there...

I thought this would be great on a patio for a party, filled with ice and drinks, don't you think?

Guess what!?  I spotted funky metal chickens of all sizes, just like the one in this hilarious story by a great blogger known as The Bloggess.  Trust me, you want to read her story about Beyonce the metal chicken, and you'll most likely become obsessed with her blog - she is absolutely hysterical!

I also saw these ceramic Barred Rock Hens... very pretty, I almost bought one for my grandmother to add to her collection....

And this... Forget using it as a patio table/bar, my mind immediately visualized....wait for it... SUCCULENT TABLE PLANTER!  Yes oh yes!  Line that baby with some chicken wire and then moss around the bottom and edges, then fill with a layer of pebbles, then add dirt and start planting your succulents... I can imagine it would look AMAZING!  But I didn't buy it, I thought $60.00 was a bit steep.  Some day I'll recreate this idea...

(All images in this post were taken at various TJMaxx Homegoods stores throughout Miami, Florida. I share these images for inspiration, I am not paid or perked to do this. Enjoy!)


  1. Loved your pictures/finds, especially the 6 drawer chest - I want it! I also want the end of bed stool for my room, so many beautiful things you spotted that I didn't. You have a great eye! Thanks for this post.

  2. Oh my! my heart is melting over some of these, gorgeous.


  3. I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.

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  4. Hello Catherine, holy wow! What a post - and we'll confirm that we did not pay you! Our buyers were quite proud of the treasures they found in India; the colors and textiles are so vibrant. We must admit, though, we're lusting after the in-laid bone pieces as well. Thanks so much for great write up and the shout out on Twitter! Your friends at HomeGoods

  5. Hi Catherine, yeah really, the two lougne chairs are very beautiful.. I really love the shape of the forst but really love the colors and the "drawings " ( I don't know the good world sorry...) Why there is not a shop like that in paris ? Maybe there is ... where? I need to find ... thank you for having shared this post with us .

    1. Hi Catherine
      Beautiful! Also check world market's new venetian collection this week. I went there and was somewhat carried away. Prices seemed very reasonable too!

  6. I just recently came across your blog and I am so inspired!! We are about to remodel our house and by looking over your posts, I have found so many wonderful ideas. Please keep them coming!!

  7. Wow great stuff! My favorite was that black colorful chair! It would go well in my Mexican art inspired house!

  8. Wow! I love the lively colors and the patterns of these chairs. They are really a great find. I can imagine having one as an accent chair in my bedroom. So cute!

    Jeanny @ eGardenSheds

  9. I have hunted for a chair as magnificent as those in that India collection for 2 years since i saw it on my only trip into a home goods store. Do you have any idea where i might find another. I wished I'd had a wad of cash that day or a new credit card!!

  10. Hi!! Where is this HomeGoods store located?