Inspire Bohemia offers the following services:

- Interior Design and Decorating -
- Garden Design and Custom Planters -
- Home and Garden Staging and Styling -
- Space Planning and Photography - 
- Event Planning and Custom Party Decor -
- Personal Shopping -

Contact me to discuss your project needs, I would be happy to set up a meeting in person or by phone to review your space and go over design options. If you are not local to the Miami area, or if you're short on time, I am available for consultations remotely via Skype.

Write to me at with any questions, comments, business or advertising inquiries. Find me on social media:

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  1. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures and posts.

  2. Love your ideas. I'm going to do the painted tires. I was wondering what kind of paint you used. Thanks :)

  3. WOW how crazy that I found the sofa I purchased last year on your site. Its the one made in Norway by Hjelle. I know its mine buy the little curve in the cushion on the arm rest. I wish i could send you a picture of its current mid century home!

  4. Hi there...was googling art deco vanities and ran across an old post of your from 2010. Not only that, but then I see you live a few blocks from me! Do you still sell antique furniture?

  5. I just emailed you some fun photos! :-)

  6. Hi, I enjoy every article in this site. Its refreshing, informative and very out of the box. I am in to garden fountains too. For more info Visit

  7. Hi - I put your 'link' on my brand new site - please email me at so I can send you a banner to put on your site - thanks! Your site is awesome - I am a Bohemian siser! Heather

  8. Hello Catherina

    Mi blogadres your site?
    Mijn blogadres

    Your blogadres me site?



  9. I was googling "tree branch tea light wall decor" and came across your site. I love the faux branch candle holders. Do you sell this item or know where I might be able to find it?

    1. Your style and Ideas remind me of myself- I am so happy to have found this blog.. Maybe I should start on of my own! Blessings.

  10. Hi Catherine,

    I just found your blog and i really loved it. I am kinda dreaming of what you are doing but, it seems is taking forever and
    i am still struggling at 9-5 job and keep looking at blogs and burning of my passion:(
    How did you make it happen ? do you have any advice ? I have started doing a blog and putting some design out there too
    here is my blog check it out will be happy to hear your comments :
    looking forward to hear from you

  11. Hi Catherine, I found your site through a Google search for Garden Chairs. I found a picture of an Antique wood chair that you did and I was wondering if you could give me the information on what you did to transfer the chair into a garden chair with a flower pot in the seat area. I have a vintage chair that has a round cane seat that I would like to repurpose into a garden chair with a flower pot. Is is possible for you to send me the info on what you had to do with the seat area? I would really appreciate your advise. Your work is really nice. Thank you and best regards

  12. Hi. I was wondering if this blog is still in operation. Your last post was a year ago. Would love to see more.

  13. Beautiful .....pls contact me at my email; am interested also with the indian chairs...can i buy them?

  14. Hello everyone, thank you for your comments! Inspire Bohemia has been on somewhat of a hiatus, but is once again operational and posting regular content. Check it out and keep the comments coming!