Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Water Hyacinth: Using Abundant Invasive Plants for Food, Fertilizer, & Biofuel

Before I started working on this post, I didn't know much about the Water Hyacinth.  When I began researching, I found out that it's called Eichhornia crassipes, a plant native to the Amazon Water Basin, and highly invasive outside of its native territory - particularly here in Florida waterways.  After reading that, I was unsure whether or not I should do a post glorifying the beauty of this plant.  However, something in my mind kept pushing me to read a bit further.  Well, there was a reason for that intuition, because after a bit more research I learned some really cool things about the Water Hyacinth that could change the way it's viewed and treated.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Buddha Head Succulent Planter

I'm always on the lookout for cool new planters for my garden, especially funky unique vessels that aren't necessarily meant to be planters. When I'm out and about in the stores, my terminator vision scans the shelves in search of potential planters, anything I can stuff plants in, even better if it looks like something that's strong enough to drill a hole in without breaking. And then, once in a blue moon I find something really spectacular, something that makes me gasp and dive across the aisle while looking around to make sure nobody else spotted it before me. 

In this case, it was a few years ago that I found a ceramic potpourri sachet in the form of a turtle. The turtle's back was full of holes which allow the scent of the potpourri inside to radiate out. These interesting little creations are meant for home decor and fragrance, but in my eyes they are totally meant to be succulent planters. The best part? It had a hole in the bottom, oh and it only cost me $4.99! So I snatched it up with a quickness and went home to get to work like a mad scientist, determined to bring an oddball idea to fruition... And it worked out exactly as I expected. 

Ever since I created that first succulent planter from a little ceramic potpourri sachet, I was hooked. Nowadays, I always keep an eye peeled for more when I'm browsing the stores. Luckily, I've been able to find several, including an owl, a different turtle, a frog, a snail, a blowfish, a bird, and an elephant. I will be back with posts on the other designs, as I go filling them...

Anyway, for Christmas, my wonderful mother gave me the best one yet: a Buddha head! My eyes sparkled when I opened that gift, I could already imagine the spectacular planter that it would make. And guess what? I was so right….