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Poolside Succulent Planters in Coconut Grove, Miami

Take a quick look at a job I did recently in Coconut Grove, Miami... This was for a private residence, the client already owned the planters and wanted them completely redone as two pairs. For the centerpiece plants I chose Euphorbia trigona 'African Milk Tree' (a succulent) and the Cereus repandus f. monstrosa cactus, also known as Cereus peruvianus f. monstrosa and the Peruvian Apple Cactus. I made two sets of identical arrangements, using the "thriller, filler, and spiller" method - which is basically a recipe for an aesthetically pleasing planter with balance. This consists of a showstopping centerpiece plant (the thriller), bountiful filler plants, and an intriguing plant that spills over the edge of the planter. I surrounded each large centerpiece plant with a variety of hearty succulents. First choice, my classic "filler" Sedum nussbaumerianum for its gorgeous lime green and orange highlights, but more importantly: this is a very rugged

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