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Orbea Succulents = Rewarding Bloomers

I have talked about my love for Stapelia and Huernia succulents, I've even showcased the magnificent Stapelia grandiflora bloom from years of my own photos... But now, ladies and gentleman, I turn my dreamy gaze towards Orbeas! Sigh... It never ends does it? Nature never ceases to amaze, and if you try (even just a little), your garden can become a place of wonder. No you're not tripping on mushrooms, it's just the Orbea flowers in bloom! Also, that illusive smell of trash on the wind is coming from those remarkable flowers, so as to attract those dumpster lovin' flies for pollination. Never fear, the smell pales in comparison to the rewarding blooms, and you can only smell it when you get up close and personal.

Family: Apocynaceae Scientific Name:  Order: Gentianales Higher classification: Dogbanes
Native to Africa
Tips:  My Stapelias, Huernias, and Orbeas do best when left alone in nature, meaning: growing in pots that are out in part shade to full sun in South Fl…

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