Bokja Design: Suzani + Furniture = HEAVEN

In all of my searches related to Suzanis I've repeatedly come across the stunning furniture of a company called Bokja Design. Now, all I can say is PREPARE YOURSELVES for some of the most funky, eclectic and absolutely gorgeous furniture you'll ever see!!!! Bokja design is the creative collaboration of Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri. With Hoda’s “passion for ancient tapestries and textiles” and Maria’s passion for antiques, the two formed Bokja Design in 2000 in Beirut, Lebanon and in keeping with their original vision and ideals, they shun mass production by employing local skilled artisans to carry out their designs. Way to go!

ABC Carpet and Home is the U.S. distributor for Bokja Design, and according to their website "bokja is an old Turkish word for the embellished velvet wrapping containing the traditional hand embroidered dowry of a bride." To view more of Bokja's designs visit their website, or visit ABC Carpet and Home.

Seeing as a mere chair costs well over $2,000 you know I've already started planning what to upholster so I can make my own knock-off...ha! I've just gotta have something that resembles any of the following....

Scroll on.... and try not to swoon yourself silly!!! ;)

(All images via Google image search)