Decorative Owl and Mushroom Garden Planter Stakes

I'm back with a Target follow-up post to show you how those adorable little decorative ceramic owl and mushroom planter stakes look in action!  If you didn't catch my post from earlier today on all of the gorgeous bohemian fashion accessories and home goods at Target, check it out here.  

As a quick aside, I just want to say, I know Target has gotten some much-deserved negative publicity for its anti-gay actions/positions/or what I call "shenanigans."  I don't shop at Target often and I don't like to support them knowing their extreme position, a position that is not in accordance with my definition of basic human rights.  I wasn't very mindful of this (in other words, I forgot) while shopping there the other day and I feel a bit guilty about it now.  I'm telling you this because I thought someone might scold me.  I rarely, if ever, bring up my politics here on the blog because I don't want to turn off readers who have a different opinion (and plus, this is not a social and political commentary blog, though I'd like to start one some day, that's the Sociologist in me!).  This blog isn't about politics, but in this case I felt the need to say something.

I'll be honest with you, I'm not going to return the things I bought there, but in the future I will avoid shopping at Target, until such time they change their views.  If a corporation is recognized as an individual and they are allowed to make political and religious contributions/stances based on that right, then they also deserve to be treated as an individual.  An individual who is vehemently and actively against equal rights for LGBT individuals is not someone I would regularly associate with or support in views - and a company is no different.

Sorry to get so heavy on you, I hope you get where I'm coming from.  I'm not telling you not to shop at Target, I'm just making you aware of this, if you didn't already know.

Without further ado, check out how pretty the little owls and mushrooms look in my garden planter...


Here is a close-up, they are so cute... By the way, the beautiful dainty green basket is from the Dollar Tree, I also bought a chocolate brown one - I think they're really sexy!

My grandmother always tells me that owls are good luck, so I try my best to put them everywhere, and the garden is no different!  I also bought one of these owls for my mother, aunt, and grandmother...

Ah yes, mushrooms, an adorable and abundantly versatile part of nature...

Do you ever find random mushrooms popping up in some of your planters?  I do!  Right now I have seen many in my planters back home (this planter is at my boyfriend's house), they tend to spring up after a lot of rain.  Now I have a permanent colorful and spotty mushroom to make me smile every day... :)

As you can see it's happily nestled amongst some spiky green sedum, pink-flowered Purslanes, succulent cuttings, and tall orchid cuttings from my mother's yard that have yet to put out its amazingly abundant orange blooms...

(All images in this post are my personal photographs, please do not use them without my written permission - I can be contact at InspireBohemia(at) - thank you!)