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Spring is here and the garden is squealing with happiness! My last garden update post was at the end of January and a lot has happened since then. Well, let me be more specific, I have taken a ton of photos since then! Yes, a lot has happened in the garden, but I've taken tons of photos! Yes, I just said the same thing twice.

Anyway, the time has come for me to further break down the categories of my garden posting. My garden has become much larger, not only because it fused with my mother's garden early last year, but because my love for succulent and cactus plants causes me to acquire more and spread them everywhere! Therefore, I can no longer share everything in just one monthly garden update post... No no, I need to do several. Otherwise, we're talking 150 photo posts! That's not too wise, and it's very overwhelming. So, in one small attempt to reduce my tendency to get overwhelmed with photos (and hit a blogging slump), here is one of many garden posts to come.  This one features flowers because they are bloomin' everywhere!

Any flowers blooming in your garden?  Have you planted or bought anything new for the garden lately?  Let's chat about it...

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This is the first flower to bloom on my mother's Desert Rose plant this year.... it has been a few days since I took these photos and at least five more flowers have bloomed since then, I will have to take more photos for you to see, they're gorgeous!

Pretty awesome huh? Ahh nature, you get me every time! :)

This is one of my mother's many Orchids throughout the yard. Orchids seem to be her specialty, every time I've bought one I usually enjoy it until the flowers fall off, then I give it to her! She has the patience and gardening knowledge to nurture Orchids during their ugly time, you know - months without flowers! Anyway, I suppose this floral dormancy does allow for a nice surprise when the flowers finally bloom again!

My mother likes to tie most of her Orchids to trees around the yard (see one of those in this post) because they do better like that.  I'll have to recruit her to help me do a post on caring for Orchids one of these days....

Don't mind my little piglets, apparently they were dying for a cameo in this shot! :)

According to my mother, this is a very rare Orchid, not sure what the name is though... She was really happy when it bloomed, these photos are rather dark and don't do these flowers justice!

This is Euphorbia milii, commonly known as Crown of Thorns, a woody succulent species native to Madagascar. This monster is my mother's work of art, a product of many nurturing years! She has others as well, many of which I've shared in my garden posts, usually the ones with the white or creamy pale yellow flowers. It has grown a lot since this post!

See more Crown of Thorns from our yard in this post, this post and this post.

The variegated coloring of the flowers is stunning in person...

This is my Crown of Thorns with pale yellow flowers, it was one of my first plants, given to me by my grandmother as a small piece in late 2009....

Oooh la la, roses... This rose bush belongs to my mother and she has nurtured it for many many years, ever since I was a kid. They aren't your typical roses - the rosette is not very tight, but they're roses, I just don't know what kind. You can see more (older) pictures of this rose bush in this post.

Correction:  this is not Gardenia, it is Night Blooming Jasmine....

This is a ground Orchid, though it's not growing in the ground, it's planted in a terracotta pot. Ground orchids are awesome, they propagate easily (with just a small piece!) and they grow like crazy! Just take a look at this other potted ground orchid from our yard that I posted a while back.

Ooooooooooooooooh.... Yes, this Orchid is a real beauty, the creamy white, cranberry pink, and curry yellow make for such a nice color combination! The shape of this small orchid flower makes it extra adorable...

See more of my mother's beautiful blooming Orchids in this post from a while back.

My mother recently bought and planted two of these in pots and they are pretty weird looking! I don't know the name, maybe one of my readers can identify it for me. All of its flowers dramatically droop when it needs water, it's pretty comical - sorry mother nature!
UPDATE:  Thanks to my dear reader Pam and another anonymous person for the name of this plant - it's called a Cyclamen!

This is another orange colored ground Orchid, this one is actually mine. This was also one of my first plants and given to me by my grandmother, check it out here in its younger days on my highrise balcony patio.

Incredible huh?! Again, nature really blows my mind, hehe ;)

This last beauty is a Purslane, I love its salmon pink color! They love lots of sun and water, and they bloom every day, mostly early in the morning and mid-afternoon. Other colors include white, yellow, fuchsia pink and maybe others that I have not seen...

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