My Mother's Garden

Hi there!

I hope everyone the world over is enjoying this beautiful weekend!  Monday is Memorial day so we have the day off from work, which means a longer weekend, yay!  Here in Miami, Florida it's sunny and hotter than hot!  How hot?  Well on the short walk from my doorstep to my car my silver Turkish chandelier earrings get hot enough to scorch my neck like an iron!!  Sounds crazy, but I assure you it is very true, unfortunately I've been caught off guard like that a few times!

Anyway, I have a great May garden update post coming soon with lots of photographs of my garden and the progress over at Cactus Corner...  In the meantime I have lots of photos of my mother's garden that I've accumulated here and there over time and I've finally gone through all of them and selected the best to share with you!  Enjoy and stay tuned for my latest garden update tomorrow with a magnificent blooming cactus flower and much more!

A large potted Jade plant near the carport in full bloom, teeny white flowers with a pink center....

A potted Kalanchoe near her front door with amazingly vibrant fuchsia pink flowers...

Check out this awesome vine of Burro's Tail Succulent trailing down out of a metal basket near the entrance...

More Burro's Tail Succulent greets you at the door in this cute glazed planter...

Now on to the backyard...

The always gorgeous Kalanchoes that spread like wild fire!

The little salmon pink and yellow bell shaped flowers that bloom all over these Kalanchoes are so so precious!

My mother's blooming rose bush... The roses are such a rich reddish pink color...

The lovely creeping Purslane and its sweet flower in pink and yellow...

The children of the initial Kalanchoe Serrata a.k.a. Magic Tower that I found growing by the side of the road last year!

More beautiful Kalanchoes in a terracotta strawberry pot...

All images in this post are my personal photographs and are copyrighted, if you would like to use them please write me an e-mail at  Thank you!
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  1. Beautiful garden if I say so myself...i am so blessed that you also like to garden, thank you!

  2. What a beautiful garden, Catherine! The collection of flowering plants and succulents is amazing.
    I've had jade for many years now, and I never knew that it flowers!

  3. The only jade plant I've ever seen flower was in Elqui Valley, Chile. Your mother's garden inspires. For the past couple years, I've been planting succulents in unlikely containers such as old skateboard deck planters, helmets, and baseball caps. I'm not familiar with some of the plants in the photographs, so you've given me some summer planting ideas. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful garden and flowers, wishing I had a green thumb right now. Just popping by to say I linked to one of your old posts (jewelry storage ideas) on my blog, since your's is just beautiful.

  5. Beautiful garden loved that strawberry terracotta pot you have lovey space here.I'm following now.

  6. Such a lovely garden. Hubby and I are working on ours too.

  7. What a beautiful garden! You have inspired this Bohemian! Happy Summer Solstice! xo Samantha