Design Inspiration: Tribal Southwestern Bohemian Modern

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but I fell off the blogging bandwagon, big time.  Ironically, it happened right around the time I stopped working to go back to school…  A time when I fantasized about having more time to blog and do crafts and DIY, a time during which I thought I would accomplish a lot.  Well, aside from graduating college, all of my other plans went awry. 

I’m sorry friends of the internets, my intention was to blog more and not less, but that’s just the way life goes.  Somewhere along the way, the desire to blog just slipped away.  Not that I didn’t have a gazillion things to share with you, because I did, and I do.  Not that I don’t have thousands upon thousands of photos hoarded away that I’m anxious to show you…  It’s just that when it comes to writing and photography I have a derailing tendency towards obsessive perfectionism.  To watermark or not to watermark?  How many photos is too much?  A burning desire to craft the perfect story and description for each post, so many decisions that I sometimes find myself paralyzed with indecision and end up doing nothing at all. 

Well I’m tired of letting indecision hinder me.  I’ve realized that I am my own worst enemy, I am holding myself back from doing what I love.  Nothing in life is perfect, life isn’t perfect, and it never will be.  SO why am I letting this type of idealized impossible standard dictate whether or not I hit “post” or “save as draft?!”  NO more.  I’ve realized that releasing all of my thoughts, inspirations, and experiences feels better than continuing to hold onto them until things are just right, which ends up being never.  With that said, I’m back on the block and ready to rock.  I’m going to shoot from the hip and let it all out.

Let me brief you on what’s been going on in my life lately.  Last year I took an amazing trip to Europe, which I have written about several times here in the last year, but I’ve yet to finish sharing stories and photography from all of the gorgeous cities I visited (big surprise).  After returning from that trip of a lifetime, I met the man of a lifetime.  The one.  How do I know?  I just do.  He is all that and more.  Since we met, we’ve traveled to New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii – which was AMAZING.  We’re living together and we adopted a beautiful brute of a dog.  At this point, I’m working again – for a firm I used to work for years ago that does Architecture, Interior Design and Planning – I’ve never been happier!  Right now we’re saving for a house and looking forward to more travel in the near future. 

Moving forward, I’d like to start sharing all of the things I’ve had backing up for the past few years, as well as all the new stuff that’s always popping into my head and my life.  There is no shortage of stuff to share, believe me.  Tonight I’m going to come up with a posting schedule to help keep myself on track, I want it to be an eclectic mix of generalized topics that I can blog about each week (example:  design, travels, art, garden, food/recipes, party décor, etc) so that you know more or less what to expect and all these inspirations bubbling inside of me get dispersed to the world evenly.  HA!  Cheers to that.

Anyway, my taste and style has evolved a bit over the years, but some things never change - I’m still a bohemian at heart.  I’m really into the black/navy/white/brass (or gold or copper) combination, I’ve strayed from beige walls to white (my last apartment downtown made me a believer) and deep navy blues and blueish greys, and I’m trying to limit my use of bold colors to art, accessories, and textiles.  I love to ground rooms with classic pieces that will stand the test of time, and let all the accessories add unique eclectic character.  I’m also in a die-hard love affair with Mid-Century furniture, which I have loved for years now.  To be honest, I loved Mid-Century style before it started making its recent comeback with a vengeance, so I’m a little annoyed by its rise to popularity once again due to the fact that now it’s nearly impossible to score a deal.  That is, unless you find someone who doesn’t know what they have and didn’t take the time to find out before selling their treasure for nothing… I like those people, I like them a lot.  Unfortunately, people like that are far and few between lately.  However, I’ve recently found a few amazing pieces for dirt cheap – note to self: share those exciting treasure hunting stories here on the blog soon.   

All in all, I guess my style went from very earthy to radically colorful and now it’s equalizing into a happy marriage between the two.  I’m still (and always will be) a lover of the eclectic collected look (aka the gypsy caravan look), but I’ve learned the importance of editing things down so as not to look so cluttered, and so the special pieces can really shine.  We’ll see how far I get with that intention, ha!  Well, without further ado, I want to show you what’s inspiring me lately with a throwback to the good old days – as in, a slew of photos whose stunning featured spaces really speak to me.  I'm calling it: Tribal Southwestern Bohemian Modern.  Enjoy….
















(All images in this post were sourced via Pinterest)