Little People Succulent Planters!

A few months ago I decided to create another website, I named it The Succulent Artist. Ideally, I want it to become the place where I share most of my gardening images and projects, especially those that pertain to succulents and cacti, but I still want to post a few here on Inspire Bohemia from time to time as well. In addition to becoming my gardening platform, I intend for it to grow into a business dealing with garden decor and succulent planters. More thoughts on that coming up, in the meantime I want to share a succulent planter project with you that I posted on The Succulent Artist. 

How cute are these miniature people planters?  Once upon a time I found them at the dollar store and now I wish I had bought every last one in every store around Miami!  Ha!  They're so photogenic, wouldn't you say?  Of course, when I first saw them the only thing on my mind was succulents, succulents and cacti - oh my!  I couldn't wait to get them home and turn them into works of art, behold...

Succulents, cactus, cacti, planters, gardening, DIY, dollar store, crafts

Lounging in succulent heaven!
Succulents, cactus, cacti, planters, gardening, DIY, dollar store, crafts

They make perfect succulent planters, but even better cactus planters...  Because they are so small, and made from a porcelain material, drilling a hole would be very difficult and may even crack them, so, I used succulents and cacti that are particularly hearty.  However, it must be noted that they can only live in these cute little guys for so long, particularly the succulents which require more water than cacti.  
Additionally, I foresee some of the small succulent cuttings outgrowing the space and becoming too bulky - although, I have found that when I plant certain succulents in small containers it stunts their growth a little and they stay small for a long time.  After about 6 months, I will need to replant the cuttings and refill with new succulent or cactus cuttings.

Succulents, cactus, cacti, planters, gardening, DIY, dollar store, crafts

There are four different designs:


Of course, I had to nickname them - from top to bottom, left to right:  Mr. Oh Happy Day, The Daydreamer, Thinking Man, and The Sunbather… 


My fifth figurine with the Kalanchoe succulent in his head is a duplicate of the one above on the left:

The hole in the figurine goes pretty deep throughout the body, but there is no drainage hole so these guys need to be kept in a bright spot, under cover so they don't get rain-drenched, and watered sparingly (but not left to dry out too long) so the succulents don't rot.    I am giving mine time for the plant roots to grow and establish themselves a bit (grab on to the soil and not fall out) before I give them a little bit of water.  If I see any of the succulent or cactus cuttings shriveling or drying out, that's my sign that they need some water - only a few drops to moisten the soil at the top, I would not drench them.

They sure like to strike a pose...

Perhaps pondering the stunning and endless varieties of succulents and cacti on this earth?  No doubt... ;)

These babies were meant for succulents and cacti...  Then again, I will still succulent and cactus cuttings in practically anything!

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