Garden Gnomes

My love for the movie Amelie has thoroughly wooed me, or perhaps I watched too much David the Gnome on Nickelodeon as a child…  We'll never know for sure and it doesn't really matter, all I know is I'm rocking some gnomes in the garden!  So far, I've got two, these dudes are from Homegoods and Ross:


According to a quick Wikipedia search, garden gnome figurines originated in 19th century Germany - commonly known as Gartenzwerg, meaning garden dwarf.  The English word "gnome" is said to have surfaced in the 1930's.  I have not seen much of Germany, only once when I was 17 on a cruise and we visited a beautiful seaside town called Rostock.  However, I did see quite a few nearby in The Netherlands, throughout the countryside and in the gardens of homeowners on Marken Island:


I have a detailed post on those trips in the works - lots of history, beautiful plants, and garden inspiration! 

I adore these little guys, they bring so much color and interest to the garden. I have to admit, in my family we will put any number of things in the yard: ceramic owls and birds, mini bird cages full of succulents in the trees, interesting bowls/vases/figurines - most of which are usually broken household items that are too pretty to throw out - you get the idea.  All within reason of course, keep it classy folks!  The garden is a place for color and whimsy, feel free to accessorize it with things that make you smile.

Anywho, I find them very attractive when nestled amongst the planters on tables throughout the garden, guarding my succulents and cacti…ha!  Do you have any gnomes standing watch around your backyard?

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Isn't he photogenic? ;)


That rosy beauty above is X Graptosedum 'Vera Higgins' a.k.a. Alpen Glow or Bronze, featured in another planter in this garden update post from a while back.

The cactus is Euphorbia anoplia a.k.a Tanzanian Zipper Plant...

Next to Miss Vera Higgins are some hen and chick succulents called Graptopetalum paraguayense, also known as the Ghost Plant and Mother of Pearl Plant.  I talked about this plant in this garden tour post from my grandmother's backyard, it was flowering at the time (check it out, precious blooms!).

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