Antique Bat Illustration Prints!

Happy Halloween!!  

Check out these detailed scientific illustrations of various Bats from Vintage Printable!

I'll be back later today with an update on my homemade Day of Dead Halloween costume and props.  Also, I'd like to show you some more photos of my Halloween decor!  We found a long lost box up in storage full of old Halloween decorations from when I was young and my family used to throw huge parties...  With that said, my Halloween vignette has expanded, stay tuned and I hope you all have a fun and safe day!


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Antique Halloween Prints

"Fancy dresses described : or, What to wear at fancy balls (1887)"

Hey there, I'm back with some Halloween themed prints from Vintage Printable. In case you missed my first post on this awesome site, check it out here, I featured a beautiful collection of antique Fungi/Mushroom watercolor prints. Basically, the site owner has a great love for collecting out-of-copyright scientific illustrations and has amassed quite a collection of images that are public domain in the U.S. and free for you to print for personal use. There are endless works of art that are great for framing!

Here are a couple of antique Halloween and Fall themed prints that I dug up...



Sugar Skull: My Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) Halloween Costume Inspiration!

Hello world!  I can hardly believe that the holiday season is upon us again, this year has gone by in a flash...  Halloween is Thursday!  Let's talk about costumes!!  In my Halloween Throwback post from a couple years ago, I showed you an array of costumes that I've worn in the past.  For many years I dressed as a hippy, mainly because I'm a hippy and I have all the clothes and accessories to put together an authentic costume.  I got a lot of great reactions, especially the year that my brother and close friend joined me as hippies and my boyfriend at the time dressed up as Jimi Hendrix (he even carried around my electric guitar!).  

Antique Botanical Mushroom Prints by Mary Banning (1878) via Vintage Printable (free out-of-copyright downloads)

If you haven't already heard about this great little site, allow me to introduce you to Vintage Printable! Started as a hobby by someone who enjoys collecting out-of-copyright scientific illustrations, the site offers a variety of free, public domain/out-of-copyright images for you to print and download to your hearts content! And let me tell you, there is a lot of content to be content with! Hehehehe....

Anyway, the site says that most of the images in its digital library are vintage naturalist or scientific illustration, but there are some other types as well. In other words, it's a treasure trove folks! If you're in love with vintage prints like me, you'll fall into a rabbit hole shortly after visiting Vintage Printable. Ever since I discovered this site I knew I had to put together a series of posts featuring various themed images/prints to share with you, there are so many amazing possibilities! So, if you're not in the mood to wade through endless prints looking for the good ones, allow me to do that for you. This is the first of my vintage print posts, there are many more to come... For your convenience, I have provided the direct link to each image, along with its description - including the mushroom name, artwork title, and artist.

Garden Tour: Succulents, Orchids, Bromeliads and more!

While visiting my grandmother and aunt's house, I took a moment (ok ok, over an hour) to document the state of their garden.  For most of her life my aunt was not the gardening type, she always told people it was the rest of the women in the family that got the green thumb, because hers was black!  Well, when I fell hardcore in love with succulents and cacti (around the same time I started this blog), I kept urging her to give them a go.  Eventually, I inspired her to start gardening a bit with succulents and cacti, that is after making a case for their hearty nature and drought resistance.  Let's just say it was a slippery slope, she became obsessed.  These days when she gives me advice on how to take care of my plants I can't help but laugh at the irony.  

All that is to say that before my aunt fell in love with succulents she had zero interest in her  garden - that was my grandmother's territory.  Needless to say, these days it's a whole different story!  My grandmother always had a few succulents around the yard, especially Kalanchoes, but now they are everywhere.  You can definitely see my aunt's touch around the yard, she has filled it with bird houses and beautiful decor scattered amongst the plants.  Through both of their efforts, especially my grandmother's regular maintenance, their garden is really really gorgeous these days!  Take a look...


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Beyoğlu: A bohemian district at the heart of Istanbul's art, entertainment, and night life scene!

Going to Turkey was one of the best travel experiences I've had so far. Istanbul is a beautiful city, rich with history and culture - umm Byzantium, Constantinople, The Ottoman Empire, to name a few reasons! It's also one of the few transcontinental cities in the world, half of the city is on the European continent, the other half on the Asian continent! The Bosphorus Strait separates them, and you can literally look from one shore to another, from one continent to another... Ahhhh, it's so awesome. Just because I thought it was interesting to know (thanks Wikipedia), the other transcontinental cities are: Atyrau, Kazakhstan (Europe/Asia), Orenburg, Russia (Europe/Asia), Suez, Egypt (Africa/Asia), and Magnitogorsk, Russia (Europe/Asia).

Since I went on this trip for business (with my aunt, more on that in this post), I didn't get to explore the city as much as I would have liked, but that doesn't mean I didn't see tons of stuff (hence the series of posts!). Thanks to Orhan, our Turkish business contact, we were able to see parts of the city that we may not have seen otherwise. He gave us advice, restaurant tips, and even picked us up at our hotel and drove us to the best spots, dropped us off and picked us up hours later! He is a very kind-hearted and friendly person, and although I'm no longer working for the same company (and neither is he), I still keep in touch with him via Facebook. 

Soooo... After he heard our excited chatter about wanting to go to the Turkish Baths, and my love of architecture and all things bohemian, he suggested a district called Beyoğlu. He referred to it several times as the "bohemian district" and an area of town with younger people and very diverse ethnic enclaves, not to mention the hub of Istanbul's art and entertainment scene. He also suggested a great, and very very old, Turkish Bath house in the same area, but that is a post for another day - what an experience!! 

The 'g' in Beyoğlu is silent, so it sounds like "be-yo-lu" when pronounced. Below (in red) you can see that Beyoğlu is located on the European side of Istanbul near the Southern mouth of the Bosphorus, it curves along an inlet known as The Golden Horn. This historic natural harbor separates this district from the historic peninsula of what was once called Byzantium and Constantinople, and more recently Old Istanbul/The Old City. 

Key Largo Florida: Photographing plants, animals, and a sunset boat ride!

Every now and then, my family and I take a ride down to the Florida Keys to visit my uncle, hang out on the water, and have a barbecue. There are lots of things to see and do at his beautiful house, not to mention photograph, because he lives on one of the many canals throughout Key Largo. He has kayaks, a boat, and lots of amazing plants!  I guess you could say that a love for nature runs in our family, since my uncle has a passion for plants as well, particularly growing various fruit trees, and collecting Orchids and exotic Staghorns.

Also, kayaks, yay!!!  I had never gone kayaking before this little getaway, and I must say I really loved it! I went out with my aunt, navigating the canals out to the ocean and making our way along the beautiful homes along the coast.   I can't wait to do it again!  Another exciting moment was when a Manatee and her calf swam up to the dock while everyone was hanging out eating and talking, talk about up close and personal.

At the end of the day my uncle took us out for a ride on his boat, then we cruised through some shadowy Mangroves on the way back. The sunset was beautiful, especially its powerful reflection off of the water. I took lots of photographs, I hope you enjoy this visual tropical vacation....


This is what you see as you cross the large bridge into Key Largo....