Valentine's Day Inspiration

Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and even though I'm not really gung-ho about the holiday, I love the decorating aspect of it!  I also love gathering pretty things to inspire you!  If you didn't already see it, today I posted a sneak-peek photo on the Inspire Bohemia Facebook page of the delicious Strawberry Cupcakes that I made last night. I was at the grocery store the other night picking up a few things when I saw that the Duncam Hines cake mixes were buy one get one free.... The Strawberry Supreme and Red Velvet mixes jumped at my eyes from the store shelf and I got inspired to make cupcakes and decorate them!

After a long Pinterest trance, I finally decided that I would just see where my own creativity took me. I wasn't planning anything fancy, after all I'm no professional cake decorator, however I wanted these cupcakes to look pretty... Well, they came out beautiful and delicious - double score!  Anyway, I'll be posting that recipe with pictures and my step-by-step process later on after I get back from an exam I have today from 2-4:40pm. 

So, for now I'll leave you with some great decorating and baking ideas that I found on Pinterest, hopefully this post will inspire you to get a little creative....  Look around your house and use what you have, you'd be surprised how much you can find to work with once you look around with the V-Day eye.. haha! ;)

I'll be back later with my Strawberry Cupcake recipe!


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Source: via Inspire on Pinterest

Source: via Inspire on Pinterest

Source: via Inspire on Pinterest

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