A Bohemian Traveler's Jewels - Part II

Good afternoon! I hope you all enjoyed this morning's guest post by Houzz, featuring tips and inspiration for incorporating Moroccan touches into your outdoor spaces. It's a rainy Friday here in Miami, I hope things are sunnier in your parts! Rain aside, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday... The weekend is here, wheee!

I've put together another jewelry vignette post together for you, a sequel to the first post: A Bohemian Traveler's Jewels. I'm loving the way my photos turned out, especially after some tweaking with PicMonkey, a newly discovered web tool that I really like! They recently added a collage feature and much more, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already, it's quite handy for everyone but bloggers will especially love it - I do! You'll also notice that I've begun adding "Inspire Bohemia" watermarks to my photos. I've struggled with myself for many months over whether or not I should do it, but ultimately (after talking to other bloggers/friends/family, and research) I decided that I will use watermarks on my most prized images, those of my garden, art, decor, jewels (like this post). I do it for the sole purpose of immediate identification of the image source, whether or not someone cites Inspire Bohemia as the source. Feel free to give me any tips or tricks you may have for better watermarking, I'd appreciate it!

Okay, back to this post, it's a brief look at a quick vignette that I put together with some of my jewelry and decor. Since I currently have no apartment to photograph and share with you, as I did when I lived in Downtown Miami or behind Dadeland, I opt for staging the few things that I have (things that are not in storage that is) at my mother's house and my boyfriend's house to create mouthwatering "vignettes." I am using "vignette" [vin-yet] in its fourth definition, according to Dictionary.com, which states "any small, pleasing picture or view."  An so, without further ado, please enjoy this small pleasing view, an assortment of my collected jewels and knick knacks... ;)

Have an awesome weekend!


A creatively made turquoise, pearl, gemstone, and sterling silver necklace...

Lots of bracelets, turquoise, red coral, and yellow dyed bone bracelet with brass inlay...

I'm crazy about these salt and pepper cactus shakers... or cacti shakers... I like cactus shakers... :)

My Dala Horse likes 'em too... hehe

(All images in this post are my personal photographs, please do not use them without my written permission - I can be contacted at InspireBohemia(at)gmail.com. Thank you!)