DIY Jewelry: Colorful, Creative, Eclectic Bracelets

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It's Friday - yeeeehaw!  I've got weekend craft project inspiration for ya...

If you're anything like me, you'll be running to Michaels for some embroidery thread and beads by the end of this post.  Today I want to share the creative do it yourself bracelet tutorials from Honestly WTF!  What a name, right?  When I read the button on their page that says "Honestly Do It Yourself," my eyes see "Honestly WTF? Do It Yourself!"  Hahaha...

Cheers to the ladies at Honestly WTF for their beautiful eclectic creations, for inspiring me to impulsively start yet another craft project, and for bringing back memories from when I made tons of my very own chevron and striped thread bracelets (like those above) growing up.  How easily we forget some things huh?  

At first I only had a vague memory of how to go about making them again, but after reteaching myself with the Honestly WTF tutorial (linked below) I was back in the swing of things, just like old times!  Five days later, my wrists were sore and I had a bunch of bracelets, a ton of ideas, and I'd gotten pretty carried away...  In a good way!  And then, I stopped.  Yep, I threw myself into another project.  I can't stand that about myself sometimes, however I stubbornly reason that if I had a home with an office/craft room, that I would get more done.  Hmm.  Right now, my living situation doesn't allow for spreading out craft chaos and spending weeks of on-again/off-again inspired daydreaming and crafting to complete my vision.  But if I had my own place again, it would look something like the first image in this post - my 4-month craft festival epicenter on the dining room table in my first apartment.  Now I'm starting to think of all the things I've done and made over the past few months that I have yet to share with you, there's a lengthy list.  Grrr, all in good time, all in good time.  I'm just now getting my blog groove back, you know, after climbing (and conquering) math mountain this past semester.

Stay tuned for a garden post this afternoon featuring another purple beauty, but this time it's not the tale of Ms. Perle von Nurnberg sitting pretty in her blue Moroccan planter, it's about a purple cactus and the photo story of her sprouting, growing, and blooming two lovely purple flowers!  Also, come back next week for a Moroccan themed guest post!  In the meantime, I hope you love all of these colorful DIY bracelets as much as I do.  Give one a try this weekend, you'd be surprised how easy/infectious/satisfying they are to make.  Scroll on and click the giant links beneath the images for the full do-it-yourself, step-by-step, how-to - a.k.a. the DIY guide.  Also, be sure to check out Honestly WTF, which features many other DIY projects and an array of beautiful inspiration and information on various topics in the realm of art, design, and beyond!  Have a great weekend... ;)


If you like jewelry, maybe you'll like my post from last week wherein I showcased the outcome of a crazy photo shoot with some of my personal jewelry and ramble about where I found them and my travels!

And now, get creative and put your own spin on one of these easy ideas... 

Source for image above: via Pia on Pinterest

To conclude, the following are just additional pretty inspiration from Honestly WTF featuring their DIY bracelets mixed with other eclectic pieces...

Source: via Nichola on Pinterest

Source: via C. on Pinterest

I must say, I am IN LOVE with the top three brass bracelets below...  I need a DIY tutorial for those babies! ;)

(All images in this post are individually cited and sourced via Pinterest, all images are originally from and property of Honestly WTF.)