Pizza Party

Man, last night was great! My boyfriend and I made six pizzas, garlic knots and cinnamon rolls for my family! All of it from scratch. Whoa, talk about a delicious fat fest. Man was it good. Hehe. He made all the dough, it was like a yeast factory, but in a good way - as in the yeast was rising normally.  If I had made the dough it probably would have turned out something like the I Love Lucy episode where the bread expands and explodes out of the oven. Instead, I made the tomato sauce for the pizza (from scratch), the garlic drenching sauce for the garlic rolls, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, cooked bacon, chopped basil, and grated Parmesan cheese for the pizza toppings. It all turned out amazing!

We made a plain cheese, fresh mozzarella and basil, cheese and basil, bacon/pepperoni/onion/mushroom (my uncle's choice), a bacon and pineapple, and finally, the one I was set on making: white pizza with a thin layer of garlic olive oil, mozzarella cheese, Brie cheese, bacon (though I wanted pancetta or prosciutto), and lots of caramelized onions! Oh-my-universe. It was so good, so good that I turned my back for a second and it disappeared... I only got two bites of my slice and then gave the rest to my mother because I felt bad that she didn't get to try it. My uncle was blown away, he was "impressed" and thought everything was delicious. Believe me when I tell you, that is a hard man to please and impress. He's picky about nearly everything. So, let's just say this was a home run for my boyfriend... and me too. My mother and my aunt were in disbelief too, in fact my aunt boldly stated that she was really bothered that my uncle unconditionally loved everything - but that's because he has always picked apart her meals (which are delicious) for being too "gourmet." He professes to love comfort food, and I guess gourmet is not where it's at for getting that. Hehe...

I took a few pictures, but things were so hectic and loud at my mother's house - with over ten people carrying on conversations and getting in on the cooking action - that I didn't do a thorough job of photographing his my man's dough making skillz. Not to worry though, my mother has requested Pizza Friday, hahahahaha.... If you've never made your own pizza dough, garlic knots and cinnamon rolls, get ready to do it. It's easy and it's heavenly. As my uncle says, it's comfort food and he doesn't care what the hell it looks like as long as it's good. In this case, it looks good and it tastes good. Sooooo, I will share our recipes and more thorough pictures of our cooking process with you soon, along with images of our amazing garlic knots and cinnamon rolls.

These are the only two pictures that I got of the pizza dough before it was cooked, I will have to take more step by step shots on Friday.

This is the amazing Brie cheese, caramelized onions and bacon pizza that I mentioned, before it went in the oven. You know, the one that I only got to take two bites of because I was taking pictures and then went to put my camera in its case and boom, it was gone? Yeah. Suffice it to say I will be making this pizza again on Friday and I will keep a close watch over it pull it out of the oven without telling anyone and gobble it up by myself. ;)

This was my uncle's choice of pizza: no red sauce, a thin layer of my garlic and olive oil mixture, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, onions, bacon, pepperoni and Baby Portobello mushrooms. I didn't get to have a slice so I can't tell you how it was, but I heard nothing but groans of delight, so I'm guessing it was good.

This was one of the most simple pizzas, it only had sauce, parmesan and mozzarella and basil, yet it was so darn delicious. Yes, I managed to snag a piece, which then got eaten when I turned to check another pizza in the oven. Luckily there was still more left. Apparently you can't let homemade pizza out of your sight at my house, ha. 

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