Bohemian Beach Picnic

Hi everyone, it's Friday, woooooohoo!! The weather has been amazing throughout most of the week here in South Florida, so I'm guessing that we'll have another hot sunny weekend.  Even though I live in Miami, I don't go to the beach very often, and that's mostly because I'm embarrassed of my white legs and scared I'll blind the person flying that little plane along the coast with the long advertisement banner, hahaha. Just kidding... not about my legs though. Besides, Miami Beach gets so crowded, I prefer the more quiet and less boisterous beaches over on Key Biscayne if and when I go, which is pretty much never in the last couple of years.  :D

But let me tell you, if I lived on the beach, I would totally have a bohemian picnic from dusk till dawn! I would set that baby up right on the patch of sand in front of my beach house and have a hippy shindig, beach-goers (and planes) be damned... Otherwise, let's be realistic, who wants to lug all of this gorgeous stuff across the sand in the heat for a few short hours? Not me! As it is, lugging the blanket, chairs, and cooler feels like a mission, not to mention parking. So I'm being real when I say that I probably won't have a bohemian beach picnic anytime soon, but I want to have one some day. In the meantime, they're great to look at and brainstorm over how I want mine to be.

Maybe one of you is going to the beach this weekend, in which case I hope this post inspires you! If not, there are plenty of beautiful ideas here that can translate into a picnic...  Oooh, I must do a picnic post!  But for now, bask in these whimsically fantastic images and get inspired!  I'm head over heels in love with these first few images, especially the table setting with
the ikat cushions, and the hanging brass lanterns...

Have an awesome weekend!

Source for image above: via leonie on Pinterest
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Source: Uploaded by user via laura on Pinterest
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