Cactus Flowers and Butterflies!

Good Morning!

Finally, a weekend with lots of sun and just the right amount of warmth - thank you mother nature! How is your Sunday going? So far I've had coffee and toast, watched the first quarter of Pretty Woman, watered some of my planters and started working on a few new planters! 

Like yesterday, today is a gorgeous day, so before I get carried away in the garden again (and it's five o'clock in a flash) I wanted to take a moment to share some photos of the garden that I took yesterday. There's this bush that pops up in a few places throughout the yard that has beautiful little purple flowers and although it's actually some type of weed, we let it grow and keep it trimmed because it attracts tons of butterflies! At any given point during the day there are at least ten butterflies of all different shapes and colors hovering around it and landing on it, it's gorgeous! I'll have to take a video of it so you can get the full effect of how awesome it is! Also, as you can see by the first image in this post, I couldn't help but show you the incredible flowers blooming on my Stapelia Grandiflora cactus plant... I've shown this plant and its blooms before in this garden post but this time there are two flowers blooming at once - twins! I can't get over this cactus, I love it, it blooms nearly every couple of days non-stop! My aunt has the same cactus but she has it planted in a large pot and it's like HULK huge and its flowers are mostly beige with pink detail, different than mine. I need to get a piece of that one for sure. This cactus grows fast, requires little maintenance and lives well in a small shallow planter, even a brass one like mine.

What are you up to on this fine weekend? Enjoy these photos and have a wonderful Sunday!


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