Our Halloween Decor: Outside

Hey there, I'm back with more pictures of my outdoor Halloween decorations and a DIY wreath!  My mother and I were inspired by my wreath posts from last week and we decided to give it a go...  Luckily, the idea came to fruition when I spotted some fake black roses with embedded spiders and a wicker wreath frame at the dollar store!   With some pain in the butt fake spiderweb (apart from the fact that it gets everywhere they just don't make that stuff the same anymore, darn those wavy ripples!), some branches from a former gift bouquet, orange shimmery ribbon (from the dollar store - duh!) and some hot glue we went to work and this is what we made!

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Have an awesome night and be safe, I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of my Wicked Witch costume and whatever evils transpire, muahahaha... just kidding... about the evils that is!  Happy Halloween!! 


Here is the wreath that inspired us from this post last week......

This was the first phase of our wreath making.... I would have stopped at this point because I liked it like that, but my mother insisted that we charge on.....

To start we spray painted the wreath with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint... Once it was dry we strung the roses through the gaps in the wreath, arranged them how we wanted and hot glued them down. Once the glue dried we clipped the long stems with some wire cutters and curled them.  By the way, these curled metal tips later came in handy while stretching the spiderweb as little hooks for the web to grab onto!.... :)

Here's the finished product....

We love it!

I love these shots because I love our door knocker :)

Ah yes, my mother's trusty plastic pumpkins.... Although I would prefer that all the pumpkins be real, after years of carving for us kids I can see how my mom finally gave up and got fake ones... They're not so bad!

Ever since I snagged this stone gargoyle at a dollar store years ago, he has been lingering around our yard and doorstep! Just like the Halloween decor inside the house (seen in this post from earlier today), all of this decor was done with things we already owned, apart from the candy, spiderweb, spiders and materials for the wreath which were purchased at the Dollar Tree and the pumpkins at Publix (my local grocery store), they were $0.99-2.99 depending on size.... I love this photo - the fall colors from the wood house and pumpkins along with that rusted gorgeous little metal scroll table, it's just so pleasing to the eye!  :)

(All images in this post are my personal photographs. If you would like to use any of my images please contact me first at InspireBohemia(dot)blogspot(dot)com - thank you!)


  1. LOVE THE PICTURES...we did a pretty good job on the wreath and you did a fantastic job on the in and out decor. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WITCHING HOUR!

  2. Wow I love that wreath!! You did a fantastic job on it...

    Have a Safe Halloween!!

    Linda :)

  3. The Black Roses are a very nice touch!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. You both did a wonderful job! I love your door knocker too and those shots are awesome. Your front entry is great!

  5. I like all your pictures!!lovely blog!!
    besitos from Spain