Stone Head Garden Planters

(Photo by Nancy Tripp Photography)

I've featured face planters for the garden before in my post on Stoneface Creations and my post on Garden Planters I just had to do another one because I've found a lot more!  The image above is one of my favorites and, unfortunately, the only one I don't know where to buy because it's a photograph from Nancy Tripp Photography.  Oh well.

My aim, as always, is to inspire and show you something you may not have seen before from the endless possibilities out there.  The garden can be your whimsical wonderland where anything goes and there are countless amazing decorative planters out there which I love to find and share with you....
 here are some really striking stone face planters.

As mentioned above, I did a post in the past on the stone head planters by:
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Stone Buddha Head Garden Planter from Arizona PotteryAs long as you're oohing and ahhing over this spectacular Buddha head garden planter go ahead and take a look at these stone Buddha head pot/planter feet....

Stone Buddha Garden Planter/Pot Feet from Arizona Pottery

Stone St. Francis Head Garden Planter from Arizona Pottery

Terracotta Wall Man from Arizona Pottery

Terracotta Wall Woman from Arizona Pottery

Stone Maiden Head Planter from Arizona Pottery

Stone Medusa Head Planter from Arizona Pottery

Faccia Planters
from Bloom Garden Shop or Phoebe Floral and Home Decor or   

Aurelius Planter from

Flora Planter 
(All images found via Google and are linked to their original source and/or a variety of sources offering the same product)