Garden Update: Garden Tour Update

Good Morning!

Today's post is a brief update on the succulent and cacti planter that belongs to my boyfriend's mother.  Back in Flowers and Cacti and Succulents Oh My! I gave you a peek at some of the gorgeous blooming plants in her yard as well as her cactus planter that I added some succulents to.  All I could think was how nice the planter would look with some succulents growing at the base of the cactus to fill in the empty space, so after a trip to Home Depot I did just that!  As you can see they are thriving and looking even better than in the last post!
Since that last post I have also made her some new planters using some of the empty ones she had lounging around her patio.  She has these two fiberglass/plastic planter urns that got the gardening wheels in my mind anxiously turning...  They are both (well, now only one of them is) this mustard yellow color with some wretched black textured detail effect.....  Yeah, they were fugly!  So I grabbed a can of brown spray paint and went to town, then filled that baby with an array of succulents, cacti (a piece from her large cactus) and an eighty-nine cent Purslane from Home Depot with amazingly vibrant little fuchsia flowers!  The smallest of the planters only has a Purslane with those same pretty flowers, no succulents, but it's oh so pretty!

So, it has been well over two or three months since I made her that planter and I'm proud to say it's doing very well.  In fact, it's doing better than some of the planters at my house, for example I had also bought myself the same big fuzzy succulent - Echeveria Doris Taylor -  that I put in there and although mine was doing wonderful for a long time, it just died last week!  More on that in my plant tragedy post.... give me a few more days to contend with finishing that sadness up.  Catch ya later, have a great day!

This is the fiberglass urn that I spray painted brown because it was a yucky dirty mustard color with some weird black texture effect.  No thank you!  Brown is much better....  But forget the urn, it's what I planted inside that is the real attention getter!  A fuzzy beautiful succulent called Echeveria Doris Taylor (which I had also bought for myself and is featured in this Garden Update post), a Purslane with bright fuschia flowers, a small piece of her large cactus, some sort of cascading succulent which I can't recall the name of and another large type of Echeveria....

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