Blissful Bathrooms Part I

Good afternooooooon!  How was your weekend, did you do anything interesting?  I bought some wooden clothespins at the dollar store that I plan to use for an upcoming DIY project, more on that soon.  For the most part I spent my time painting with watercolors and doing tons of reading on race, gender, the origins of birth control in America and the role it played in supporting the motives of eugenics.  Yeah, deep stuff!  I thoroughly enjoy studying social issues, Sociology is my love next to art and design. 
Anyway, it has been a while since I've done a post and it' has been even longer since I did a post focusing on bathrooms - Bohemian Bathrooms.  With that said, I've compiled a delightful array of inspiring images for you, enjoy! 

(All images sourced via Pinterest)