Hippies, Bohemians, Gypsies and Fashion Part II

Hey hey!
Wow, what a wild day, so many things have sabotaged my blogging plans that if I don't stop what I'm doing right now and churn out this post I have a feeling the next chance I get will be after 6pm when I get home, and that's no good! By then nobody will be thinking about looking at blogs, just about kicking off the weekend! Well, what am I saying, my way of kicking off the weekend is rushing to be with my love to snuggle and watch movies or tv shows on XFinity (we a Curb Your Enthusiasm junkies!!! haha) and of course browsing blogs and blogging for the next week. Ahhh, heaven! That's my idea of a grrrreat Friday night! Hehehehe...big difference from the antsy days of wanting to go out all the time - I'm over that!

So here is part two of Hippies, Bohemians, Gypsies and Fashion with great fashion inspiration to wrap up the spirit of Woodstock's anniversary this week, enjoy! I really want to make it back later with the larger post I had planned for today, we'll have to see how the night goes. In the meantime I wish you all a fantastic weekend!

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(All images in this post were sourced via Pinterest)