Happy Birthday Inspire Bohemia!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Inspire Bohemia!  
Some call it a blogiversary a.k.a. blog anniversary, but I like to call it a birthday because on August 8, 2009 a vision was born!  That's right, my boyfriend encouraged me to start this blog as an outlet for all of my artistic interests and passions and I thought it would also be a wonderful way to inspire others to be creative and unique in their own lives.  I'm not a big believer in conforming or aligning ones style with what is proclaimed to be fashionable or "in style," rather I believe in listening to oneself.  Only you know what you like, society shouldn't tell anyone what to like/buy/etc.  It is with that premise that I formed this blog: Inspire Bohemia is aimed at inspiring you to discover more about your design style and your artistic and creative capabilities as well as encouraging you to have the confidence to define and build upon those ideas.  Too often I have heard people say they have no taste, no style, no talent...  Not true!  You aren't giving yourself enough credit.  Get inspired and get creative with your space, nothing is wrong as long as you love it. 

The past two years have been incredible, so many new readers have joined Inspire Bohemia and I've gotten such wonderful comments, tips and feedback.  I am very very thankful to have such a wonderful audience for my many passions and interests - thank you all!  I hope I can continue to inspire you to live a unique and creative life articulated through art and driven by passion!  Cheers, here's to another wonderful year of blogging and many many more!

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