Garden Potting Benches, Sinks and Tools

Well, the weekend has come to an end and sadly, it was a rainy one!... No gardening at all, just lethargic rainy day laziness.  Although, I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes with my sister and my boyfriend and it was awesome!  I definitely rooted for Caesar and the rest of the Apes and let me tell ya, I really sympathized with those CGI primates - I winced and let out an exclamation every time they were mistreated!  Hehe... :)

So, I'm doing a gardening post in the name of garden fantasizing - you know, when it's raining and you long for the sun so you can go outside and garden?  Hehe....  As the title states, this post is about garden benches!  I have SO many images of inspiring garden benches that I couldn't possibly bombard you with them all at once, or could I?  I'm sure you wouldn't mind, but I'm saving half of the images for a Part II so you'll have some more eye candy another day.  Anyway, lately I've been obsessed with the thought of a potting/gardening bench!  What can I say, I reallllllly really need one!  Am I the only one with oodles of un-potted plants (mostly succulents) and empty planters littering my patio?  I hope not!   I wish I could have it all in one place: my tools, my pots, my plants, my dirt, my rocks, etc etc!  Soon... very soon!  I am designing a potting bench and my boyfriend is going to build it for me (more on that one day - haha).  I can say one thing for sure, my potting bench will definitely be a chaotic eclectic beautiful mess of pots and plants - that's how I like it!!  In preparation for that design I have been doing a lot of inspiration research and boy have a found a boatload of it!  Get ready people, so many ideas and only one potting bench to be made, whatever will I do?  Hmmm.... get creative! 

What about you, do you have a potting bench?  Have you built your own?  Are you planning one just like me?  I'd love to see/hear all about it, let's brainstorm!  Shoot me an e-mail at
.  I hope you all enjoy these amazing potting benches...

(All images in this post were sourced via Pinterest, I do not claim ownership/credit for these photographs.)