Home Offices and Craft Rooms Part II

Hey there...  It's Friday, yay! 
Isn't that chair above absolutely gorrrrrrgeous!?  I want one, now!

Today I have Part II of Home Offices and Craft Rooms and believe me, these images are going to make you itch to revamp your work space!! Right now I'm thinking about going home and converting an armoire into a dreamy little office/craft center. I don't know about you, but if I don't have a beautiful chaotic mess of a workspace I can't work! Hehehehe... And by chaotic I mean full of little inspiration clippings, photos, vintage teacups and dishes full of beads, paints and charms, mugs and vases full of pens, pencils, color pencils, markers and of course - paint brushes! I could go on a never-ending descriptive rant here and paint you the perfect picture of what I mean, or you could just check out the first image in this post on my old apartment when for months my dining room table was happily infected with crazy craft mania!

Enjoy these gorgeous spaces and, as a woman in my office building laughingly exclaimed as she saw me dash out of the elevator towards the parking garage yesterday after work said, "May the force be with you!!" Hahahaha... yeah, it's true, she thought it was hilarious that I was in such a hurry to get out of the building and go home that she laughed and said "Damn girl, you're in a hurry huh!?" and I laughed "Yes, can't you tell by the way I'm flying outta here, I never leave on time so I'm happy!" and she said "You don't have to explain, just go! Go! May the force be with you!!" and then we both cracked up. Corny story, I know, but it was funny! Besides, it's nice to experience such friendly camaraderie with a stranger because these days that's becoming rare, at least in Miami! So yes, may the force be with you, the force of inspiration and creativity! Go and create wonderful things and have a great weekend!

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(All images sourced via Google images, Pinterest, Martha Stewart or where otherwise noted in the image file name.)