Garden Inspiration Part I

Hello world!

I'm a bit tired today, but happy! How are you?

Soooo... I'm thinking about the garden these days (duh, can't you tell? hehe) so I put together a little garden inspiration post in anticipation of the weekend! I can't wait to tackle some projects in the backyard, for example planting the rest of my lonely gang of succulents and cacti that have been sitting in a wagon on the patio for weeks! Not to mention, I need to go out there and wrangle Cactus Corner, its raging out of control (in a good way) and things have grown so big that they're creeping up on and crowding one another, haha... Which means that it's time to collect a bunch of clippings from all the succulents and sprrrrread the love... as in, around the yard!! That's right, my mom and I are diligently spreading succulent and cacti cuttings and leaves around the yard so as to propagate and grow them everywhere. Can you blame us? Succulents and cacti are gorgeous, interesting and colorful! My goal is to have Kalanchoes and other succulent landscaping (as seen in this post), but everywhere! And believe me, everywhere is a lot of places, haha... My mother's yard is big and there are many different areas that we are trying to fill out along the edge of the house, the fences bordering our left and right and the back wall border. I'll start with those two projects and not overwhelm myself, as it is I know I'll just go with the flow on Saturday and probably end up doing lots of other little things too. I'll fill you in on the details come Monday!

What about you, have you been in the garden lately? Are you planning any projects for this weekend or have some interesting ideas/tips to share? Do you spread succulent clippings around like me? Send me pictures, I'd love to see!

I want to let my readers know how much I appreciate all of your wonderful comments and e-mails! I love hearing from you, especially when you tell me that I've inspired you to get back in your garden or start a garden for the very first time, that makes me so happy!! I always look forward to your comments and e-mails, and seeing pictures of your garden or crafts... It truly makes my day! With that said keep'em coming, feel free to send me any questions, comments or images you may have pertaining to gardening, interior design, decor, crafts, travel and so on.

As you will see, this post is full of vibrant lush gardens, many with incredible canopies made from the intertwined branches of the trees themselves, or a trellis covered in vines and flowers... Quite lovely! Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope these beautiful garden images inspire you to find your green thumb because I must say, it is oh so gratifying to nourish a garden and watch it grow and evolve! ;)

Catch you all later.... You know where I'll be this weekend.... ;)

(All images sourced via Pinterest)