Garden Inspiration Part II

Good Morning!

As I sit here sipping my coffee and pondering new blog post ideas I long to be home under the covers vegetating in front of the tv, haha! How about you? This weekend was relaxing, though not nearly long enough... I have some exciting posts planned for this week, in the meantime enjoy some more garden inspiration!

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Aren't these tree canopies beautiful?  What an amazing art - manipulating the tree branches so that they grow intertwined.... fantastic!

This is so cool!!!  What an amazing idea and gorgeous piece of art/point of interest for any garden, a garden bed - literally! 

This rose bush above is sooooo pretty!  ...Oh, and the owl garden topiary art below is AWESOME!  I want one in my yard!!!

(All images sourced via Google images, Pinterest or where otherwise noted in the image file name.)


  1. love all of them! Especially the owls! wow!

  2. Gorgeous gardens, walkways and archways.. Love them all. Love that garden bed! Wow!

  3. A Beautiful Garden Secene always puts me in sensory Valhalla and can be one of the most inspirational of places to visit and to restore the Soul...

    These images are breathtaking and have inspired me this Morning... Thank YOu!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I am from down under and draw inspiration from these amazing gardens....they are just beautiful.....i love the wise owls!!!

  5. beautiful imagery! i love the tree canopies. they are so special when you have the opportunity to walk under on the them!

  6. much of garden eye candy. Difficult to pick a favorite but I loved the green bed and the owls are gorgeous looking!

  7. You have THE PRETTIEST pictures on your blog! Love it! :)