Garden Inspiration Part II

Good Morning!

As I sit here sipping my coffee and pondering new blog post ideas I long to be home under the covers vegetating in front of the tv, haha! How about you? This weekend was relaxing, though not nearly long enough... I have some exciting posts planned for this week, in the meantime enjoy some more garden inspiration!

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Aren't these tree canopies beautiful?  What an amazing art - manipulating the tree branches so that they grow intertwined.... fantastic!

This is so cool!!!  What an amazing idea and gorgeous piece of art/point of interest for any garden, a garden bed - literally! 

This rose bush above is sooooo pretty!  ...Oh, and the owl garden topiary art below is AWESOME!  I want one in my yard!!!

(All images sourced via Google images, Pinterest or where otherwise noted in the image file name.)