Delicious Dining Rooms and Nooks Part III

Good day, good day! 

I'm going on less than four hours of sleep today but I'm hangin' in there!  I had so much energy last night that I couldn't fall asleep so my man and I snuggled until around five in the a.m. watching comedy specials (Bill Maher and Daniel Tosh), Louie (as in Louis CK - love his new show - hilarious!), past episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm (I'm a new fan) on Xfinity on-demand and several infuriating episodes of Vanguard on Current TV.  If I get into what the Vanguard documentary/investigative pieces are all about believe me the tone of this post will change from happy to furious, so just click the link if you're interested to know!  Excellent show and excellent channel (Current), we should have more shows like that and definitely more channels like that instead of so much realty tv nonsense!

Ok, anyway, today I've got a great post for you - Delicious Dining Rooms and Nooks Part III!  Scroll on and keep a napkin handy for unexpected design drooling moments!  HAHA!  Have a wonderful day, I'll be back later on with a post on my garden finds this past weekend, stay tuned!

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