Bohemian Fashion III

Hi there :)

The weekend was too short, too short I tell you!  Why on earth can't we get a five day weekend to go along with our five day work week??  Or perhaps switch the work week to Saturday and Sunday and the weekend to Monday through Friday??  You get my point, anyway I hope you all made the most of the weekend and had a wonderful time doing whatever it is you enjoy most.  As for me, I talked so much smack on Friday about gardening and guess what?  I didn't do any!  It was SO unbearably hot here in Miami over the weekend AND it poured cats and dogs yesterday that I could not possibly drag myself outside,  it was like the steam room at a sauna!  Yeah, the heat outside rendered me useless in the garden so I spent most of my time relaxing and watching movies with my man and making some jewelry (an old hobby I started up again - more on that soon!), hardly an undesirable alternative right?  Hehe... I did, however, manage to take a trip to Home Depot and Lowe's to drag myself through the garden section buy succulents and cacti, hehehe!  And let me tell you, I found the most awesome little miniature strawberry pots (with a drainage hole!) at Lowe's on clearance for $4.15!  They are perfect for succulents and cacti - you know, because they're shallow with good drainage.  I'll be back with a post on that tomorrow, I can't wait to share images of my loot with you!  I know, the things that excite me, I'm such a nerd!

Anyway, today I'm back to kick the new week off with part three of A Bohemian Ensemble! Yep, another inspiring collection of photos depicting spectacular bohemian/boho, hippy and gypsy fashions.  Eclectic, sexy, whimsical, funky, worldly, tribal, avant garde... these styles have so many unique endearing qualities!  I can't get enough, enjoy!

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(All images sourced via Pinterest)