Blue Teddy's Bazaar: Suzanis and Kilims!

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As I mentioned a few weeks back there are several talented artists and decor sources that I want to share with you... well here goes the first...

Blue Teddy's Bazaar is a shop from the online community of artists called Etsy that sells vintage hand woven kilims and suzanis from Central Asia. The curator of this lovely bazaar full of vibrant tribal textiles, throws and rugs lives in York, England and her name is Rhonda - a creative soul with a degree in Art and Design specializing in ceramics. Rhonda has a great love for many creative things, particularly home decor, woven fabrics, crafted goods, wood and British, American and French retro style. It's no wonder she is drawn to the unique beauty and craftsmanship of kilims and suzanis! In fact, in her profile she says "...these treasures from the East can transform your home or your office, bringing it drama, colour, ambience and cosiness, regardless of whether you live in a spacious loft, a flat, a normal house or a country mansion." Well, that about sums it up - I couldn't have said it better myself Rhonda!

In case you don't know, a suzani is a hand-stitched/embroidered textile made in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries - its name derives from the Persian word Suzan, which means needle. A Kilim (or Kelim) is considered a woven tapestry or rug originating anywhere from the Balkans to Pakistan, and can be purely decorative or used as a prayer rug.

After dedicating a whole week of blog posts to suzanis in 2010, dubbed "Suzani and Ikat Week," I'm sure you've noticed how much I love ethnic textiles! Suzanis and kilims have a way of adding endless character and eclectic global vibes to any space! With that said, scroll on for some of my favorite suzanis and kilims (mostly suzani's, hehe) from Rhonda's beautiful store and be sure to drop by Blue Teddy's Bazaar and check out the rest of her inventory from Kurdistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan - she's adding new treasures all the time! For more posts and information on suzanis and kilims please see the related post links below.... Have a wonderful afternoon!

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(Also pictured in detail in image at beginning of post)
This is my favorite suzani in the shop, gorgeous colors!
Suzani from Uzbekistan

Suzani from Uzbekistan

Suzani from Shakhrisabz, Uzbekistan

Suzani from Boysun, Uzbekistan
This one is so fun!!

Suzani from Boysun, Uzbekistan

Suzani from Boysun, Uzbekistan

Suzani from Kosan, Uzbekistan

Another stunningly vibrant and amazing Suzani from Uzbekistan!

And now, for my two favorite kilims on Blue Teddy's Bazaar....

Another beautiful kilim design from Maimana, Afghanistan...

Great colors and a pretty ikat design!! This one hails from Afghanistan....

(All images sourced via Blue Teddy's Bazaar Etsy shop with permission from store owner, please do not use images without permission, contact Rhonda through her Etsy shop.)