Fantastic Foyers

Peacock Mirror + Middle Eastern Cabinet = HEAVEN!
Good Afternoon!

If ya didn't already know, a foyer is defined as an entrance hall or vestibule in a house or an apartment.  Having a foyer is a nice little treat, you can come through the door and throw your purse on a chair or bench, toss your keys down on a pretty decorative dish or tray on your entryway table, kick off your shoes (in a basket perhaps?) and so on...  Not everyone has this formal space and the little luxuries it provides, but I believe it's possible to create your very own foyer at your front door with some imagination. 
Set up a small table and chair, a sideboard with a mirror leaning on it, or if you're lacking space a few shelves for putting down your sunglasses and keys.  The possibilities are endless, you can shop throughout your home for special items to make a makeshift foyer!  Another great design idea for a foyer is lots of framed art on the walls, even better when it's from floor to ceiling, so dramatic and sexy!  However, for a quick solution at a bargain price swing by IKEA and grab a few art ledges (shelving), they're easy to install and you can immediately start leaning art and trinkets on them for an eclectic artsy gallery look without the hassle of planning a layout for your art and hammering your walls full of holes.  Whatever you decide I'm sure it will look great, anything that makes you smile when you walk through the door is probably a good idea! :)
Anyway, let's move on to the oohs and ahhs of scrolling through inspiration images!  Enjoy!

AWESOME shelving!!

Yes, I've used this image before but I couldn't resist using it again as it applied to the theme of this post! :)

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