Outdoor Dining & Parties: Part I


Gorgeous outdoor space, wouldn't you say?  Everything about it is beautiful - the intricate gates, the turquoise chairs paired with table and wood benches, and the succulent/cacti wall border garden!  Altogether, it's a very pleasing and eclectic mix of style and color.

Spring has arrived here in Miami, although it feels more like summer because some days it is unbearably hot.  On the really hot days I must remind myself of all the cold days during our measly winter - when I longed for the heat.  The heat is here alright, so I shouldn't complain - HA!

Now that the weather is warm, it's the perfect time for lots of outdoor events such as pool parties, gardening parties, shower/wedding parties, and brunch/lunch/dinner parties.  There is also the more common event of enjoying ones space alone - or with your significant other - letting the sounds of nature wash over you.  It's a soothing experience and a time to think.  

Anyway, keeping that in mind, I set out into the world wide web to gather inspiration images of many different outdoor dining areas.  Suffice it to say I was quickly overwhelmed!  There are so many gorgeous and creative ideas out there!  If you've ever wanted to set up an outdoor dining table for your party guests, look no further, for I have compiled lots of inspirational images with plenty of ideas to help you create your own unique setting!  On the other hand, if you have hosted an outdoor party with a dining table setup, I would love for you to share any ideas or tips you may have for making it the best that it can be!

image via This Old House

Outdoor movie theater party!!! LOVE it!

image via Martha Stewart

image by Robert and Kathleen Photographers

image via House and Home

image via This Is Glamorous

image via House Beautiful

image via Domino Magazine

(All images found via Google image search, Pinterest, or where otherwise noted.  Not all original sources could be found, if you know any of the missing sources please e-mail me or comment so I may update the post.  Thank you!)