Easter Egg Designs!

 Hello hello!  I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend so far!

As promised, here is the first of three Easter themed posts to give you some inspirational ideas!  This post will focus on Easter eggs, I've compiled a multitude of images from traditional to modern to ethnic (Polish, Romanian and Ukranian Easter Eggs!) and everything in between!  You're sure to find beautiful ideas in this post for customizing your Easter Eggs tomorrow!  Enjoy!

CHECK THESE OUT!  They're Polish Easter Eggs!  Perhaps Wycinanki eggs??  I recognize those Polish Wycinanki Paper Art designs!  Beautiful!

A tip... use a muffin pan to dye your eggs!
These are super pretty, I love the blue and white combination, reminds me of Santorini... *sigh*


Ukranian Easter Eggs! (above)

Romanian Easter Eggs! (above)

(All images via Google image search, Pinterest, Martha Stewart, iStockPhoto or where otherwise watermarked or noted in the file name)


  1. I wish I had known the muffin tin idea when the kids were little. Hopefully I can pass the idea on to other Mom's. And those eggs are so beautiful.

  2. Here are my mom's eggs to add to your collection. We're Czech!


  3. Very interesting, but where is Lithuanian Easter eggs? :>

  4. We'll be using the muffin tin idea. How did you get those rich colors? We're coloring eggs with a group of 8 kids this year. The tins are a wonderful idea. Thanks so much.

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments! Kathie, these images are sourced from Pinterest, therefore I cannot tell you how the rich colors were achieved for the eggs in that image. My best guess would be to let the eggs sit longer in the food coloring, and playing with the amount of food coloring used for color intensity. I hope that helps, Happy Easter!


  6. these are amazing ideas. Im so excited to use them!! THANS

  7. Very interesting post! I'm definitely trying them :)


  8. Thank you for presenting this lovely collection of images. A great resource for ideas...

  9. Very nice image collection !!!

  10. First picture is polish eggs - but not wycinanki just pisanki. We using hot bees wax to made them. Great ideas,thanks