The Doors Part II


Last July I did a post that featured several beautiful doors from around the world and I titled it "The Doors" for a fun play on words.  Yes, I love the band The Doors!  Anyway, I thought it was cute and so I've decided to continue the series with a Part II, except with lots more photos!

I don't know about you but I've fallen completely in love with so many European doors throughout my travels!  In fact (note to self!) I should do a post with my personal photographs since I have a lot of pictures of doors!  Soon, I promise!  I am confident that there is no end to the beautiful doors one can find around the world, all of them the expressions of a creative individual, so that's why I'll continue this series, there will always be more doors to sigh and drool over, yay!

So sit back and enjoy these incredible architectural pieces of art, some just might inspire you to make your front door a statement to the neighborhood! ;)

Paris, France

Granada, Spain

The French Quarter, France

Alcacer-Do-Sal, Portugal


Venice, Italy

I'm pretty sure I used this image above in another post on something else but forgive me, though I'm sure you won't mind, it's just way too gorgeous not to include in this doors post!  :)

Albuquerque, New Mexico
photo by Derek Therrell

(All images via Pinterest)