Cactus Corner!



Here's the post on Cactus Corner I promised you the other day. As mentioned, a few weekends ago my mom and I decided to plant a lot of our big cactus and succulent plants, in the ground, especially the cuttings we got from family friends that we know grow into monsters! So, we scouted the backyard and found the perfect sunny spot to fill with cacti and succulents, I've dubbed it Cactus Corner! Please keep in mind that it's still a work in progress, little by little we've been sourcing out new plants to fill it in. Once we've accomplished filling the space we'll install a nice new stone border and dump a few bags of sand colored rocks over the surface of the soil to make it look nice and uniform. Until then we'll leave it like this and add new cacti and succulents as we find them.

The reason why we chose the back corner of the house near the pool is because it gets lots of sun and it was already home to two HUGE Aloe plants that my mom planted a few years back along with lots of Purple Hearts. The contrast of the green Aloe with the purple Purple Hearts is awesome, so we knew we wanted to repeat that some more... Also, the Aloe had gotten big and juicy and since it flanked the right edge of two palm trees, we decided to repeat that by planting some more Aloes around the remaining perimeter of them, that way once the newer Aloe's get bigger they will create a ring around the palm tree. After that we started adding different Cacti, Kalachoes, Echeverias, Agave and more interspersed with more Purple Hearts and Oyster Plants for more of that beautiful royal purple contrast!

Once again, it's a work in progress and some of these pictures were taken in the afternoon, hence the less than stellar lighting. That's about it for now, more to come as this space evolves. Enjoy!

The gorgeous stalks on my mother's giant juicy Aloes...

Here's the general area (still looking too bare, needs more plants and rocks for ground cover)... On the other side of the palms are the large Aloes and newly planted soon-to-be-monsters cacti plants...

This is called a Rainbow Aloe!
(which my dog mangled shortly after taking this photo! *sigh*)

Check out the scraggly Echeveria in the foreground, my dog trampled and broke many of its delicate leaves :( To the left is an Aloe and in the background is an Oyster plant, Kalanchoes and Purple Hearts....

Check out this Aloe below right when we planted it...

And then a week or two after planting.... A flower stalk sprouted and grew SUPER fast....

Well, above is what this little Prickly Pear Cactus looked like BEFORE my kind Cocker Spaniel Chewby Doo trampled it and ripped off the skinny little son it worked so hard to spawn! I've had this cactus since last year when I lived downtown, it took so long for it to show signs of growth and go figure, right when I decide to plant it in the ground my dog destroys it. It's mean, but I'm sure he got at least a few prickly spines stuck in his paws as punishment, HA, that'll teach him! But sadly, it doesn't teach him, he keeps trampling everything in Cactus Corner, lord only knows how many times he does it when I'm not around to see scold! Oh well... My mom and I are working on a solution to this problem. We are contemplating a raised bed, but we're not sure yet - more details on that once we decide. But there's good news... This resilient little guy bounced back in the week or so since his child was decapitated! LOOK! He has grown a new baby... Cross your fingers that this one will survive King Kong Chewby!

Here are a couple shots of the Purple Hearts... I really like them, their color is so vibrant and I'm totally in love with the little lavender flowers they sprout from their tips, which I didn't notice until recently! Plus, they're super cheap, grow and spread fast with little maintenance and they make for such incredible contrast against the green of any garden!

And this amazingly colorful Kalanchoe is called a Butterfly Kalanchoe and I found it at Home Depot last weekend! It;s exactly like the Kalanchoe succulent that I found growing by the side of the road last year, seen in this post, except its colors are green and hot pink, as opposed to green and purple! It's fantastic, I can't wait for it to grow like wildfire all throughout Cactus Corner, it will create gorgeous color and contrast against all the green and especially against the purple of the Oyster plants!

For comparison, here is the purple and green Kalancho Serrata (a.k.a. Magic Tower) growing nearby. I love its little knife-like leaf edges, and whenever I see they've sprouted those little balls/babies at the tips (you can only see one growing on the top right leaf's tip) I gently pull them off and throw them around so they can sprout new plants, yup, it's THAT easy to propagate! They grow FAST!

Ok, now let's head around the corner to where the big boys will be... We pass the huge Aloes on the corner that my mother planted many year ago...

Here are the Aloes again, this picture was obviously taken days after the ones at the top of the post because the yellow flowers opened! And just past the Aloes are these guys.... I'm pretty sure we planted them too close, now that I look at it once they get big there won't be much space for each to grow so I'll have to move them around this weekend.... There's a crazy spiky Agave of some sort in the foreground and a very prickly cactus on the back left and two other cacti on the right that get monstrously huge! Take a close look at the taller cactus in the back right of the picture because it has changed SO MUCH since we planted it in the ground a few weekends ago. Want proof? Well just scroll on down to the next photo! It's truly incredible!!

In just a week or two since planting this sprouts....Would you look at this?? WOW!

See!?!?! It has sprouted an ENORMOUS stem and flower bud, it's so big that it's starting to sag away from the cactus! I sure hope my dog doesn't break it off during a crazed lizard hunt! I can't wait for it to open! Yipeeee...

Last but not least, a closeup of the viciously spiked Agave...

(All images in this post are my own personal photographs, please ask permission before using them and link back to Inspire Bohemia. Thank you!)


  1. I love your Cactus corner! You have a great start on a wonderful succulent area! Just got to keep the dog out. That is a big problem. It is amazing how resilient they can be. And that butterfly kalanchoe is so gorgeous. I need to find me one of those. And I can't wait to see the flower. That is fantastic to get one right away. They like where they are for sure. And the aloe blooms are awesome. Mine are starting also. But no color yet. Soon though. And I think your last Aloe is Agave Parryi.

  2. Beautiful! I've only ever grown succulents indoors in pots...I've never seen a Aloe plant flower! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Love your Cactus corner! so pretty!