Artful Arrangements Part III

Hello hello... 

I'm back with Part III of my series Artful Arrangements, which is basically a compilation of inspiring images depicting spaces with gorgeous walls full of art/photography/you name it!  

These days art is incredibly diverse, it's in the eye of the beholder - so anything goes!  There are oodles of objects that we can throw up on the wall to create art, for example antique keys, decorative plates, crosses, empty decorative frames (like the image above) and just about any framed/shadowboxed memento your heart desires.  There are endless ideas for creating art and there are tons of crafty ways to display it - so it can get overwhelming.  However, like I've mentioned in my previous art posts (links listed below), I've heard a lot of people complain that getting their art up on the wall is the most difficult part...  It can be daunting, but just remember, there's no right or wrong way anymore.  Gone are the days of hanging things centered and at eye level!  Like I said, these days anything goes, hang your art from floor to ceiling for drama, in stacked rows for a sense of order, or in a interlocking staggered grid for a wonderful gallery feel.  Let your creativity guide you, whatever works for you is what will look best!

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As always, shoot me an e-mail at if you'd like some tips on hanging art, I've got plenty of experience under my belt!  Enjoy!


AWESOME DISPLAY IDEA!!!! And not just for cameras!
Frame any cool object/collection!

(All images via Google image search, Pinterest, Martha Stewart or where otherwise noted in the file name)