Stoneface Creations: Stone Head Garden Planters

If you're into succulents in cacti, gardening, or just awesome garden planters and decor in general get ready to FLIP OUT! That is if you haven't already after the sight of the first picture in this blog post, HA! These beauties are by a company called Stoneface Creations and I want one oh so bad!

I must admit, I saw these a long time ago when my succulent and cacti obsession first began. I immediately came across them in an image search and loved them. However, like many other things I love, it got buried in a bajillion draft posts and I forgot about it until the other day... You see, I caused a craze in my family when I got into succulents and cacti. Not only because my mother, my grandmother and my cousin are thrilled that I have the same green thumb and passion for the garden as they do, but because my fascination for succulents and cacti seems to have inspired them to pay more attention to the ones they already had growing in their gardens and the plethora that exist beyond that. Succulents and cacti really are fascinating and diverse. 

Anyway, my aunt (mother's sister) has always felt as though she did not inherit that so-called "green thumb," but when I got into gardening I encouraged her to do so as well. I let her know that although she had killed plants in the past, perhaps she should give it another go with succulents and cacti due to the fact that they require little attention after being planted properly and are pretty hard to kill (well, for the most part). Well guess what? I was right! Soon after giving it a shot she fell in love and discovered she too had a green thumb and a passion for gardening! YAY! I inspired! So, getting on to the point... her and my cousin came across these planter heads the other day and have gone absolutely nuts for them!! My aunt already ordered two, so hopefully I can share pictures with you when she receives them and fills them with succulents. Exciting!

Visit Stoneface Creations for more images and information, or contact them at:

Enjoy these great images from their website, they all make for such unique and striking garden planters and decor!


Could she be any more GORGEOUS!?  This is my absolute favorite, I love that blooming Echeveria!
I love the way the man and woman are positioned together in this image, cute!

AWESOME!!!!  Love those Burro's Tail dreads! hehe :)

(All images via Stoneface Creations website, except the first image which is my personal photograph.)