A Moroccan Dream!

Elle Decor is one of my favorite home design and decor magazines because it never fails to provide a breathtaking plethora of images from gorgeous, well-designed homes from around the globe.  In fact, my subscription to Elle Decor just ran out a few months ago, but these images reminded me why I should renew it, and I did - just this morning!  22 issues for $13.95, woot!  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.... THIS AMAZING HOME IN MOROCCO!

By now you should know that I absolutely adore Moorish architecture and Moroccan/Middle Eastern decor, style, design, etc.  I find it sexy, I find it classic, I find it bohemian.... it's bohemian rhapsody!  Hehe...  Anyway, in short, I love it!  So imagine my gasps, my oohs and ahhs, and my whimpers of longing when I came across these stunning images from a recent issue of Elle Decor!  The article is titled "A Jewel of a Home in Morocco" and it features the Marrakech home of fashion designer Liza Bruce and her husband, artist Nicholas Alvis Vega.  The couple own several homes across the world and are described in the article as living the life of "high-style nomads."  Sounds sexy to me.  Good for them, they clearly have great taste.

Anyway, need I gaggle on much more about this home?  Just take a look.... get inspired... heck, I'm definitely inspired!

 Go ahead and gasp at the interiors....
Magnificent bathroom (on the right).... the color and mirror art pattern in the traditional 8-pointed Moroccan star shape are absolutely to die for!
Every single room is packed with beauty, color and an eclectic worldly feel... so cozy!
And now, drool over the exterior!!....
A cactus looking quite awesome against all that crisp white marvelous architecture  :)
Holy cow... I want to double swoon over this cactus garden patio with the pink tables/stools and Suzani throws!
Now, for the grand finale.... coffee on this large patio every morning?  YES PLEASE!  Apart from the awesome cactus planters and awesome floor lounge....what a view... how dreamy...

(All images sourced from Elle Decor magazine via their website)