Delicious Dining Rooms and Nooks!

Bonjour Friday!
We meet again! You must have missed me as much as I missed you because you're back so soon! :)

I hope you're all having a great day, the holiday weekend is descending upon us quickly and I'm oh so ready for it! Today I had lunch with my mother, my cousin and a friend and we went to eat our favorite, THAI!!! AHHH! It was so delicious! My mouth is just drooling thinking about the Pad Thai, in fact I want more now! Grrr... I'm Thai obsessed, and now I've turned my cousin into an addict too! Hehe.
Anyway, this post is dedicated to gorgeous dining rooms, spaces, nooks, etc... I have pulled together a bunch of great images and I hope you enjoy them. As always I will follow this post up with many more dining rooms posts, this is just Part I. Enjoy!

Oh, and stay tuned for a post on the beautiful artsy new planters I bought, hopefully I can fill them with dirt, rocks, succulents and cacti over the long weekend and have a new planter reveal for you on Tuesday! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


I LOVE the glass bottle chandelier hanging above this dining table...  Not only is it "green" in that it is made from various used glass bottles, it lends a great rustic feel to the space and the varying shades of green are very pleasing to the eye!  Also, I really like t
Here is another angle of the space...

 (All images found via a Google image search or where otherwise noted in the file name)

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  1. Oh my! Gorgeous pictures! The one with the chalkboard door speaks to me, what a great idea for grocery store list and notes to family members! The other one I like is the cupboard picture with the kitchy things stored in it! So charming!