A Halloween Throwback

It's Friday and we're on the verge of Halloween 2010... it's wild how fast time goes!

I just couldn't resist doing this Halloween throwback post showing several of my Halloween costumes throughout childhood and into adulthood starting with the one above where my aunt dressed me as some type of Egyptian princess and ending with my hippie costume... which I will be reinventing once again this year, stay tuned for a picture of that on Sunday!

What are your plans?  
Whatever it may be I hope you all have a safe, spooky,  
Happy Halloween!

Back in the carefree good-ol' days... I was one happy bunny...

As a sweet little ode to my father's heritage, my parents dressed me as a Spaniard - complete with Castanets and a Basque leather Bota (a wine pouch - it was full of water of course)....

My sister Danielle and I.... Native American and Jack-O-Lantern bonding...

That's my mother and I as Wicked Witches and me as Cat Woman another year...

That's me below as a Cave Woman, which is by far my least favorite costume growing up - I had a blacked out greasy tooth, huge black painted on eyebrows and a tangled black wig that itched like hell!!!  

Oh well, the next year was better, I dressed as my favorite TV Land lady I DREAM OF JEANNIE!  Yes, I realize how terrible that yellow hairspray was, I should have just left my hair natural brown, instead I stubbornly tried to make that long blond Jeannie wig piece blend in, to no avail!  Too bad I never took a closeup picture of the Jeannie bottle I made for the outfit, it was awesome!  By the way, that's my little brother on the far right with me, you know, back in the Power Ranger crazed days, hehe....
Now, flash forward a few years (because I have a serious gap in my Halloween photo archives) to a couple years after I graduated high school .....

I guess I was a Vampire....  that was just one of those years where I made up a last minute costume....

Ah yes....the year my uncle (who has been a City of Miami Firefighter for ages) lent me an authentic firefighter's helmet and jumper... This was a real attention getter and by far one of my favorites ;)   

 And last, but certainly not least because it's obviously my all time favorite costume... as evidenced by the fact that I have dressed in several variations of it for the past three or even four years!  Well, what can I say?  I'm a natural!

No need for a store bought hippie costume here folks, I'm the real deal!!



My brother joined me... isn't he a devastatingly handsome hippie?

Fun times in Coconut Grove.... my friend and I were the hippie groupies and my boyfriend at the time dressed as Jimi Hendrix, guitar and all!

I love the faces my brother was making in these pictures, too bad they are such poor quality...

This was when I worked for Red Design Group in 2007.... everyone got a kick out of my hand-painted posters with the peace sign and "Make Love Not Babies"... which, looking back, really should have read "Make Love Not War" instead.... who knows where my head was :)

(All images in this post are my own personal photographs)

Artful Arrangements Part II

This is Part II of my "Artful Arrangements" ongoing series, a compilation of images from all over the web showing gorgeous and eclectic examples of framed artwork and other wall decor that have been artfully arranged in eye pleasing ways.  To me, wall decor should be seen as a type of decorative vignette with different colors, shapes, textures and materials that all strive to give a room life, personality, individuality and overall character.

There are a lot of great ideas in this post to help you start your very own art wall vignette, or perhaps inspire you to work on the one you already have or just motivate you to finally hang up all that art you have stashed away!!

If you are the type who can never get anything up on the wall out of fear that it won't look right, here are some of my tips:

- First, arrange and rearrange all frames and objects to your liking on the floor in front of the wall where you want to hang it OR use brown paper grocery bags to cut out the shapes of your frames and other objects and then play with them on the wall to see what looks best (when you're done you can even hammer your nail right through the paper to mark the exact spot!) 

- Second, make sure to mix different colors, shapes, textures and most importantly: objects!  Throw in an antique key, shadow box, cross, mirror, candle holder or anything that you can find a way to hang that looks good up on the wall.  Variety creates a worldly, eclectic and collected look that can give a room great personality!

- Third, JUST DO IT!  Trust me, just get it up on that wall, you'll feel a lot better and so will your space!
If you like this post be sure to check out Artful Arrangements Part I or Beautiful Wall Decor and Art: Plates: Part I for lots more beautiful and inspiring images!



(All images via a Google image search on framed art and wall art vignettes, I do not claim ownership of any of these images.  If  any of these images are yours and you would like them tagged/linked or removed please feel free to e-mail me)

Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns by Ray Villafane

Good day readers!

Today I am sharing with you some images depicting the incredible pumpkin carving talent of Ray Villafane!  A few days ago I got one of those forwarded Halloween e-mails from someone in my family and I almost deleted it...  Well, good thing I didn't because I would have missed out on these spectacular carved Jack-O-Lanterns!  Aren't they awesome!?  

Ray Villafane is an artist from Queens, New York who does work for DC Comics and several other companies, he also remains the winner of the Food Network's pumpkin carving challenge every year since 2007.  For more information on when to catch this year's Food Network challenge, Outrageous Pumpkins, click here.  Also be sure to check out Ray Villafane's website Villafane Studios for a more on this talented artist!

I am very impressed by the amount of detail in each one.  I consider myself a pretty good artist, but only when it comes to certain mediums (particularly pencil and charcoal), however maybe I should give intricate pumpkin carving a try one year.  Hmmm, my mom has some hangin' out at her front door, should I give it a go this year?  Perhaps, we'll see if time allows...

So, speaking of Halloween, what is your costume this year?  I am going to be lazy and dress as a hippie, like always!  For the last couple years that has been my costume, I suppose it's because I'm so naturally good at it!  HAHA...  Yes, I'm a natural at it.  That makes me want to do a post with some images of all the hippie Halloweens of my past....  Will do!  In the meantime, enjoy the images in this post and hold tight for more Halloween posts coming right up! 

For more information on Ray Villafane and his artwork, please visit his website Villafane Studios or visit his Facebook fan page here to see lots more incredible images of his work!


(All images via a Halloween e-mail and I'm assuming must be property of Ray Villafane)