Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My lunch hour adventures....

Cobalt blue creamer pitcher - gold floral detail

After doing the post Oh Me, Oh Milk Glass! earlier I was just itchin' to dash over to Goodwill on my lunch break! Call it good luck or call it the effects of positive thinking, but the first thing I saw when I walked into the home section was milk glass!

Check out my Goodwill bargains and my other lunch time pictures.... I hope you're all having a great Thursday so far!


This milk glass plate is a riot....

I actually found a small vase identical to one that I already have except it is clear glass and not milky white. I got it anyway because hey, it was waiting just for me! Plus, at 25 cents how could I resist? Especially with those beautiful hobnails all over it!...

I also killed time at a store up the street from Goodwill called Miami Twice, which claims to be a vintage-thrifty-retro type place but just come across tacky, not to mention it is outrageously overpriced and full of mostly new items. In fact, the same stuff that I find at Goodwill for change, they sell for eye-popping prices. A small opalescent vase for over $100! Nahh. I need to stop going in there hoping things will be different. Ironically they are currently promoting a "super sale" for which I saw no evidence of inside the store... HA!

And then I took a stroll up the strip mall to a new place called Roque's Curiosities, a gift shop with antiques, Victorian and Contemporary Marcasite, silver and natural stone jewelry, candles, oil, incense and more. It was ok, there was more new stuff than antique, and mostly overpriced. I spotted some pretty white and blue hobnail milk glass and snapped some quick photos....

The Glass Half-Pint Milk Pitcher from Solutions

In my search for great images of milk glass I came across this adorable little creation from a website called Solutions! It's a half-pint milk carton made from glass and it's a mini pitcher for pouring your milk/cream/half-n-half into your coffee. I love it! It would be perfect for pouring the amount of milk I heat up when making Cuban coffee! Will I buy one? Nahhh... times are rough and at $14.95 this little guy is a luxury, not a necessity. I'm sharing it with you because it's too cute not to share :)

If you'd like to buy one check out Solutions.

Oh Me, Oh Milk Glass!

via In This Instance

My love for "Milk Glass" did not come about until around two years ago when my boyfriend and I were attempting to run an eBay store (Bohemian Bargains - temporarily closed until I build up more inventory). Anyway, his mother gave us a bunch of stuff that she had in boxes and no longer wanted - which included the majority of a pretty generous milk glass collection (along with lots of Precious Moments and Hummel figurines)! Wow, I was in love - at first sight! And no, I couldn't bare to sell it, so I kept it all! Hehe... It's better that way, I'm keeping it in the family.

Ever since then I've had a sharp keen eye for milk glass, and I have found a lot of it in Goodwill stores around town for as little as 25 cents! No lie! I know some milk glass might seem a little dated, but from the variety of pictures in this post that I've collected from the web I'm sure I can convince even the most modern-minded decoristas that milk glass is indeed classic and timeless, but it all depends on how it is used and displayed!

Some of you may not be familiar with milk glass and are probably wondering, what is it? When and where does it originate from? When was it first popular? First of all, according to that Wikipedia site, "Milk Glass" is a more recent popularized term for what was originally called "Opal Glass," characterized by its opaque or traditional milky white colored glass (for the record, I am going to call it milk glass). Milk glass was first made in 16th century Vernice, Italy and is "an opaque or translucent, milky white or colored glass, blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes." - other colors include blue, pink, yellow, brown and black. Apparently milk glass pieces produced during the Gilded Age (post Civil War era of the late 19th century) is known for "delicacy and beauty," while the low cost translucent colored "Depression Glass" pieces of the the late 1930's and 1940's are "less so."

I love Depression Glass too, I just don't have too much of it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post and I hope you've gained a bit of appreciation for milk glass. Keep an eye out for it at garage sales, thrift shops, antique stores and especially Goodwills! I snag'em for between 25 cents and $1.50! I'd love to share photos of my milk glass pieces, but I haven't taken too many... what am I thinking!? I must do this soon and share them with you in a future post.

It's almost Friday!! Wheeeeeee!

via Molly and Mary

via In This Instance

via Cedarwood Weddings

Below is an amazing little idea from the blog Down and Out Chic for jewelry storage! Fortunately I have this exact piece of milk glass, so I'll be adding it to the beautiful chaos that is my dresser's jewelry strewn surface! I wish I had found this a while back so I could have included it in my post Random jewelry storage ideas that I love, but here it is....

Pink milk glass! I can't wait until I find one of these.....

via Christina via Ruffled

via Christina via Ruffled

For the full how-to on these cute little milk glass moss planters please visit the blog Ruffled.

via Christina via Ruffled

via The Flying Bee

Here is an example of another color, I'm pretty sure this is milk glass and not Depression glass, but either way it's so purty....

You might remember this one from my past blog post about creative succulent planters/displays..... so beautiful!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Succulents from my garden

Here are some pictures of my plants, taken out of boredom and extreme admiration! :) hehe

This funky one below is the Kalanchoe succulent I found growing by the side of the road on my commute home, she is doing very well, dropping her little beady rosettes everywhere, those things grow over night!.....

My beloved Echeveria Glauca, which I call my "bloomin' onion"....

A new baby sprouting from her stem....

Some newbies....

And last but not least, the beautiful blooms on my ground orchid....