Tabletop Christmas Trees

For some, buying a traditional Christmas tree is not an option.  Whether it's due to limited space, time, money orrrrr, just limited desire to go through all the work that buying, hauling, trimming, standing, lighting and decorating a tree entails!!  I'm pretty sure that's why, somewhere along the way, the tabletop Christmas/Holiday tree was invented!  Either that or just because it's uhhh, super cute!  Just like wreaths and traditional Christmas trees, there are so many variations in color, design and ornaments when it comes to tabletop trees...  Just scroll on and see for yourself....

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(All images via a Google image search, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart or where otherwise noted in the file name)

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  1. Oh I LOVE Christmas trees! I have 4 miniatures all around my house and one for my office! If I see a new one I like I get it. Thanks for the inspiration... I will set my biggest mini as my centerpiece for Christmas dinner :)