Not Your Average Christmas Tree!

Just like last year's A Merry Rebel Christmas and Unique Christmas Decor, this year I have once again collected images of unique Christmas trees and decor to inspire you!  This post features lots of funky, unique and artsy crafty interpretations of a Christmas/Holiday tree , and let's just say ones imagination is the only limit!  Speaking of imagination, isn't that matchbox Christmas tree above just the cutest idea ever?  I must make one!!!

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I featured this interpretation of a tree in one of my holiday posts last year on unique Christmas trees titled A Merry Rebel Christmas...  It's so awesome that I couldn't resist sharing it again!  Christmas Tree Alternative by Dutch artist Jane Schouten is made on a wall from lots of carefully arranged knick-knacks, LOVE IT!
Check out these decorative tabletop Christmas trees made from a creatively manipulated string of beads!  Here are some how-to shots....
This tree made from a ladder is similar to the one I shared last year in this post!

(All images via a Google image search or where otherwise noted in the file name)


  1. WOW ~ they are all so creatively beautiful in their own unique way ~ I just loved the little pencil shaving Xmas tree. Thanks

  2. Wow, that's a great collection of images! Love the first tree - is it made from dominos covered in paper? - and the one made from things hanging on the wall, that is so clever!