Holiday Wreaths: Paper

Good Monday Morning!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?  Well, over here in my neck of the palms... err Miami, the weather warmed up over the weekend but then it poured and now it's really cold again!  Argh!  In other news, one of my favorite succulents is battling root rot and I don't think it's gonna win... sigh... that makes me sad!  Oh well.  

As promised, here is another post on wreaths, wreaths made from paper!  Whether it's composed of cardboard, book pages, wood shavings or tissue paper, all of these wreaths are sweeeeet!  Stay tuned for more this week: Crafty Wreaths, Food and Candy Wreaths, Yarn and Fabric Wreaths and Natural Traditional Wreaths!  Oh, and if you missed my first post in this series on Peace Sign wreaths, check it out here.

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And last... I think this wreath is made of white paper doilies..?  I could be wrong.  Regardless, it's purrrty!  :)
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