Holiday Wreaths: Food and Candy

It's Thursday, the last day of the week for me, hence the beginning of my mini three day Christmas vacation! Then, next week I'll probably take Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off.  You see, next week is a big week, it's the end of my lease at my current apartment!  Next Thursday is the official move-out day (since unfortunately, it must be a week day) and so you can definitely say I'm feelin' the pressure!  I still have lots to do - mainly pack my kitchen and all my clothes - oh joy!  Not looking forward to it, but oh well, it must be done!  

Another thing, I must be honest with you and tell you that I am really hating shopping this year!  Yes, it's true...  There are just so many people out on the road, the traffic is insane, the stores are insane, and I just can't deal with it sometimes.  Or, I just don't want to I guess!  As of today I just need to get one or two more things for those on my list and that's it, I'm done!  Woot!

Anyway, the cold weather is hangin' on here in Miami and I hope it hangs on just a bit longer until Christmas.  Let me tell you, in years past we have had some humid, rainy awful Christmas weather and I do not want a repeat!  It kills the Christmas spirit.  With that said, I'm still feelin' a bit of the Christmas vibes with that crisp in the air and so I'm churnin' out these holiday inspiration posts for you with gusto!

This is the second to last wreath post I have to share with you...  I know, I know!  I've done a lot of wreath posts, but you see there were just so many when I did my search that I could not resist making them into a series of posts!  Who am I kidding?  No apologies!  I love'em all, so I'm confident you will.  Plus, a wreath isn't just for holidays....  Depending on the style, a wreath can be used as decoration for parties, such as table centerpieces with a candle in the center, or just year round decor.  The natural ones featured in the Organic and Traditional Wreaths post will look great on a door or wall any time of the year because they're classic!

This post focuses on wreaths made from food and candy, including some with baked goods!  Mmmm!  The garlic wreath above has got to be my absolute favorite next to the cinnastick wreath below.  Wow, they really tickle my fancy!  Hehe...

Okay, enough chatter about wreaths!  I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more holiday posts right up until Christmas Eve (tomorrow eek!!)  :)

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This cinnastick wreath is soooo gorgeous!

I'm really lovin' the textural look of these cinnastick wreaths, they have great dimensions and organic quality...
oooh... marshmallows...

mmmm... they look so fluffy and delicious
candy cane wreath, cute!
Brussels sprouts!  I like this one a lot!
Corn husks!
Fall leaves cookies wreath

mmmm... cooooookies!
cute idea... a wreath made of seeds for a cute bird feed!

goody GOODY gum drops!
*GASP*  Look at these bread wreaths...  Oh my, where's the butter, !they look heavenly!
I like this popcorn wreath, especially against the black door :)
candy cane, candy cane ooh la la candy cane!
Andeeeeees mints!  MmmmMmmMmmmMmmm!  Cute idea.
Another cinnawreath!

another wreath made of brussels sprouts!  HA!

Butterscotch candies!
Kind of my least favorite looking, but it's made of spray painted walnuts so it made the cut!
This wreath is made of green rock candy!
This is one of my favorites...  It's very natural and traditional but I stuck it in this post because it has those beautiful red hot chili peppers sticking out all over.  Very pretty, I would love to have one like this to hang in my kitchen!

(All images via a Google image search, Food Network or where otherwise noted in the file name)