Holiday Chandeliers and Brancheliers!

I've been spotting a lot of funky tree branch chandelier images on the web, especially those adorned with holiday ornaments for a unique and organic decor feature.  There are also a lot of other interesting holiday themed chandeliers, as you'll see below.  I rounded up all these beauties (including a few from last year's Christmas posts simply because they are so darn awesome!) and I dubbed this post Holiday Chandeliers and Brancheliers!  HA!  I hope you like my little made up word, I think it's quite cute!  :)

Let me tell you, I'm definitely bent set on making one of my own brancheliers some day!  Perhaps these images will inspire you to do the same!

I LOVE this one, all the crystals really make it!! 
Here are some chandeliers embellished with nature for a holiday theme...

Check out these awesome holiday chandeliers made from lots of tree ornaments hung together in a group...

I used this picture in one of my holiday posts last year, but heck - I just had to show it again because it's so pretty and I love the idea of hanging ornaments on your chandelier to give it that holiday spirit!
I included these two images in my Christmas and Holiday Decor post at the end of November but since they pertain to the topic of this post I'm throwin'em at ya again!  BAM!

And finally, some fairly neutral and not necessarily holiday tree branch/wood chandeliers that are oh so lovely and can serve as year round functional decor....

(All images via a Google image search or where otherwise cited in the image file name)