Happy belated Birthday Jimi Hendrix!

I'm so ashamed that I forgot my main man's birthday!!
*Looks up to the sky... "I'm sorry Jimi!*

With all the craziness of Thanksgiving week I completely forgot.... Last Friday November 27, 2010 would have been Jimi Hendrix's 68th birthday!  Boy would I bet good money that if he were still alive today he'd be rockin' and jammin' out better than ever!  

Shucks, that would be a great dream come true fantasy of mine, to see Jimi Hendrix live in concert!  To have been at the Monterrey Pop Festival in 1967 for his memorable performance.... or better yet, to have been woken up in the early morning hours by the screeching notes of his Star-Spangled Banner at Woodstock in 1969!  Whoa, that must have been insane!

All of Hendrix's music is awesome, but my favorite songs are Hey Joe, Dolly Dagger, Voodoo Chile, Machine Gun, Gypsy Eyes, Bold As Love, If 6 was 9....
"...Now, if 6 turned up to be 9,
I don't mind, I don't mind.
If all the hippies cut off their hair,
I don't care, I don't care.
Did, 'cos I got my own world to live through
And I ain't gonna copy you.

White-collar conservatives flashing down the street

Pointing their plastic finger at me.
They're hoping soon my kind will drop and die,
But I'm gonna wave my freak flag high . . . HIGH...."
(that last part is, in my opinion, some of his best lyrics)

....and of course, especially, Foxy Lady and Red House!!  

What about you, what are your favorite Jimi Hendrix songs?  

This world lost Jimi way too soon, but fortunately  his passion and talent enabled him to create an abundance of great music in his short life.  With his music, Hendrix carved out a home for himself in the world of rock and roll and the hearts of fans like moi FOREVER.  So even though he's no longer a physical part of our world, Jimi Hendrix's spirit lives on forever through his timeless music.  

Happy belated Birthday Jimi, you were a hell of a guitar player and a hell of hippy Jimi, you are THE MAN.... well, you and John, Paul, George and Ringo... hehe.

Isn't this an awesome piece of art?  It's titled "Jimi Hendrix Explosion" and it's by Martin Sharp... I love it!

Maniac :)

Peace out!


And finally.... Merry Christmas from Jimi Hendrix himself, hehe....  I've never seen this picture of him before but it's cute!.............
(All images via a Google image search and Last.FM)