Christmas and Holiday Tablescapes Part I

Good Morning!  

It's soooo cold and windy here in Miami!  My goodness, I can't even begin to imagine how the cold feels in places further north!  ACK!  It appears Miami people are big wimps when it comes to cold weather!  This past week or two we've been in the 50's, 40's and at times, with the wind, it felt well below 30 degrees!  Right now it's warming up to 68, but yesterday was insane!  It was chilly, so rest assured lots of long lost members of my wardrobe have rapidly infiltrated my life like a storm....  A tornado of sweaters, jackets and scarves strewn across my apartment and piling up in the backseat of my SUV.  Oh well, whatever, that's how I roll. 

Soooo.... it's already December 16th people!!  Christmas is right around the corner and I'm sure many of you are in full swing decorating mode for whatever holiday you celebrate this season.  With that in mind I've composed lots of great holiday posts, a few of which I've slipped out in the last week already (see links below).  Here is Part I of Christmas and Holiday Tablescapes, it showcases some nice table settings and centerpieces that I hope will inspire you to get creative this holiday with your table decor!  

Enjoy and stay tuned for Part II  of Holiday Tablescapes and Part II of Holiday Decor real soon, along with a few posts featuring cute gift ideas! 


 (All images via a Google image search or where otherwise noted in file name)

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  1. Beautiful settings! Yes things are getting really busy. So much to do and buy! Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season.