Halloween 2010


Hello... how was your Halloween?

Mine was great...  My boyfriend and I had dinner with my family and then we got the front door all spooked out with scary music, a strobe light, candles and some carved pumpkins in preparation for the trick-or-treaters...  Speaking of pumpkins, I actually carved the two at my mother's house like I said I might (in this post) - just in time for Halloween night!  I think they came out great!

Oh yeah, and I finally broke the hippie costume trend!  I figured since the little kids coming to the door were so creeped out by the scary music (cackling witches, howling wolves, Halloween theme song, etc etc) that I might as well throw on an old grim reaper black hooded cape that I had for added terror.  My aunt had some glowing red glasses that I wore for an extra demonic touch....  Also, the change in costume afforded me the luxury of being a kid again... well, sort of....  My boyfriend and I took my little sister trick-or-treating and I pretended to be a kid and covered my face... HAHAHAHA... so I knocked on the neighborhood doors with my sister and we each got a nice bag of candy..HEHE :)

I hope everyone out there enjoyed their Halloween as much as I did!

This is the first pumpkin that I carved...

Here it is on display...

And here is the second..... obviously he had a little too much vodka and candy corns that night.... hehe...  By the way, I spray painted him because he came free from Home Depot and had an ugly face drawn on him with a sharpie, so I needed a clean slate... plus, I think it looks cool black because the orange interior pops more, and so do the guts... errr. vomit!  :)

By the way, that's a collector's doll that my aunt gave my sister a long time ago... my mom thought it's be a creepy touch...

LOL... that's me...


 Now you see me....

 Now you don't.... MU HAHAHAHAHA... just my red devil eyes.. hehe...

(All images in this post are my own personal photographs)



  1. That is awesome! Looks like you had tons of fun! I sat in my garage with my Tigger costume on. It kept me warm and the mosquitos away. The kids loved it and I danced around. In my hand is this little recorder that says some Tigger things! I love what you did! That black pumpkin throwing up was terrific!


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