Collections Part I

Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector's passion borders on the chaos  of memories.
~ Walter Benjamin

...Well ain't that the truth!  I wanted a quote that would pair up with this blog post and I must say, I found the perfect one!  Don't you think??...

I am a collector, no doubt...  I collect things from my travels mainly because of the memories they carry, including train and plain tickets, post cards, maps, brochures and especially coins, souvenirs and other trinkets I find along the way.  Apart from things I find on my travels I like to collect owl figurines, milk glass, art, salt and pepper shakers, brass figurines, Moroccan decor, Matryoshka dolls, pretty glass bottles, McCoy pottery, California pottery, antique table lighters, coins, cacti and succulents and well, the list goes on forever!  So, the quote above definitely applies, at least to me and Mr. Benjamin!  What about you?
Displaying a collection of items can create amazing visual interest and personality in any space.  Collecting everything is not necessarily a great idea, but collecting a few special things that you love and tastefully displaying them together in your home is a great way of expressing your interests through interior design/decorating.  

I've collected all of the images in this post because each shows some type of collection or another in an eye pleasing vignette...  Whether it's books, plates, tea cups, art, vases, world globes, keys, bottles, buttons, or whatever else your heart desires... bring it all together in a creative display and you've got insta-art! Get inspired, walk through your home and see if you can make a collection from your decor and trinkets....  ;)


(All images in this post are sourced via a Google image search, some are from the Better Homes and Gardens and Sunset websites.  I do not claim ownership of any of these photographs)

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